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The Episode begins with Kavya gazing at Rajeev. Anjali reminds him of his responsibility to take care of the family. Malini adds that family should come first before personal principles. Adi interjects, asking his mother to let go of Kavya. He then hands her a glass of water to drink. Kavya expresses her confusion, and Adi urges her to drink some water first. After drinking, he asks if she’s sure about seeing Dad with the man and if he was pushed intentionally by Giriraj. She confirms, and Adi believes her, asking her to give a statement and join them.

Malini tells Adi that he wants to send his father to jail. Adi responds that Kavya won’t lie to protect his dad. Anjali intervenes, saying she is asking Kavya to remain silent. Omi pulls Adi aside and expresses concern about the potential chaos this could cause. Adi argues back, accusing Omi of being accustomed to covering up crimes. Omi refutes this, emphasizing the danger Kavya would be in if she went against Giriraj. He urges Adi to stop Kavya and prevent her from becoming Giriraj’s enemy. Santu adds that the media has arrived and is waiting for answers from Kavya. Malini insists on joining Adi when he talks to his father, while Santu advises him to speak with Kavya first.

Giriraj instructs the constable to fetch some cream biscuits, and the latter quickly returns to inform him that Adi and Malini have arrived. Requesting the constable to secure the door and clear the table, Giriraj expresses somberly. Just then, Malini questions him about his actions, to which he denies any wrongdoing and claims to be innocent of any possible harm. Adi interjects, asking if Kavya’s testimony holds any truth, while Giriraj affirms that she is speaking the truth. Rajeev urges Kavya not to give a statement, after which she departs. In explaining his presence at the incident scene, Giriraj reveals that a member had informed him of their party that Kavya was in a dangerous situation, and he had gone there to protect her.

Adi insists that she is telling the truth, as she claims to have witnessed you pushing Vinod into the path of a truck. However, Giriraj maintains his innocence, explaining that he was only trying to protect Kavya during a confrontation, which was an unintended accident. He believes this accusation is simply part of political tactics by the opposition party. Malini supports Giriraj’s statement and urges Adi to speak with Kavya before making accusations against him. Meanwhile, Kavya is occupied with cooking food while Rajeev tries to comfort her. He admits that he always wanted to keep her away from his family drama and confesses that he cannot bear the thought of losing her. As the media requested Kavya’s statement, tensions rose within the group.

“She apologizes, stating that she is unable to provide a statement. A reporter taunts her, but Rajeev intervenes and asks them to leave. Despite this, Asha arrives and demands an answer. Turning to Kavya for a response, she is met with name-calling from the reporters, who also throw objects at Kavya. Adi and Malini enter the house just as a vase hits Kavya, prompting Adi to rush to her side in concern. He then firmly tells the reporters to leave while Asha pleads for justice and asks for accountability. Seeking comfort, Adi embraces Kavya as Anjali’s anger boils over at the reporters’ actions. Malini chimes in, acknowledging how media perpetuates false information and praising Kavya for not engaging with their provocation.”

Adi asks Malini to go and rescue her husband. Malini says Kavya has taken the right decision. Adi says yes, how long will you keep her silent? He argues. She says you mean your dad is lying because she respects the family and will always respect Giriraj. He says you mean your dad is lying. He says I have always seen him doing such things, and I cannot trust him; I will help Kavya escape this dilemma. Kavya worries. Kavya nods. Adi asks Kavya if she is 100% certain her father has pushed that man.

In response to Malini and Anjali’s request to stop Adi and Kavya, Adi says fine, come to the police station with me. I won’t let you cheat on your duties. Omi says Adi is inviting trouble for him. Anurag receives Giriraj’s bail papers. He goes to Giriraj and says Happy Independence Day, get happy. Giriraj leaves the house. Adi brings Kavya over. Giriraj worries.


Kavya gives her statement after Giriraj warns her.

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