Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 1st December 2023 Written Update

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The Episode commences with Shubh arriving at Kavya’s house where he is swiftly reprimanded by Rajeev. A heated exchange ensues between the two, with Rajeev accusing Shubh of causing irreparable damage to Kavya’s life. Anjali intervenes and urges Shubh to leave as Kavya is not home and has gone to the academy. With a forceful push, Rajeev forces Shubh out of the house and closes the door. Fearing that his actions may be exposed to the committee, Shubh worries about the future of his career. Rajeev expresses concern for Kavya while Anjali reassures him of her strength and courage. Despite Gauri’s attempts to quieten him, Shubh continues to worry about Kavya potentially revealing the truth that could ruin his career. Jaideep questions what truth Kavya might reveal.

Kavya and Adi are both present, but do not see each other. Jaideep accuses someone of lying and potentially causing Adi’s expulsion. Gauri believes Kavya is to blame and warns Jaideep not to yell as he has just come from the hospital. Jaideep reprimands Shubh while Gauri suggests that Shubh loves Kavya and needs to be advised against such actions in order to successfully pursue his dream of becoming an IAS officer. Jaideep argues that Shubh is blinded by love and refuses to offer help, stating that he does not deserve to achieve his goal after what has transpired with Adi. Shubh ultimately decides to leave on his own accord.

Shubh contacts Adi, expressing urgency in meeting with him. However, Adi responds playfully until Shubh reveals the seriousness of the situation involving Kavya. Alarmed, Adi immediately inquires about her well-being. Shubh then begins to explain that Kavya is willing to put her career at risk for Adi’s sake and pleads for him to intervene. In response, Adi calls Kavya and coincidentally catches her at a traffic signal where she witnesses a man using drugs. Frustrated by this sight, she instructs her driver to pause and answers Adi’s call. Meanwhile, the drug dealer signals the man to proceed and Kavya takes action by confronting them both. She questions the lack of inspection on the car, determined to stop any illegal activity taking place. The man challenges her authority but Kavya confidently introduces herself as IAS officer Kavya Bansal and demands for proper inspection of the vehicle before continuing on its way.

Her purse isn’t found. The man laughs. Adi says, answer the call, Kavya. He calls Mayank. Mayank says he will give the taxi number. Kavya asks the inspector to inspect the car. The man asks who you are. She says a citizen of this country, I have a right to worry for this country, I will not make any mistakes. Adi calls the driver and asks him to send the location.

“Kavya urges the inspector to check the car, warning that she will not exit it until he does so. Reminding her of the criminal consequences of causing trouble, the inspector calls for assistance from a lady constable. Kavya insists on having the car inspected before leaving, as onlookers record the scene. She then approaches a drug peddler and retrieves his bag, revealing a pack of drugs to the police. The peddler escapes but is later apprehended by constables. With Adi’s arrival, Kavya is caught and he calls out her name while she responds in kind upon seeing him.”

It’s his intention that Kavya doesn’t go to the academy. She asks what. He says, “Don’t ruin your career, don’t tell Shubh the truth.” He asks the inspector to let him go. He jumps on top of the car. He says, “Kavya, don’t go to the academy.” The inspector asks him to get down. He also arrests Adi. I was protesting. He said I was saving you. They argue.

She asks did you know. He says yes, are you mad. She says yes, I misunderstood you, I should have been slapped. He says I swear, I would have slapped you. She says I’ll clear your name. He says that’s not what he wants. Inspector leaves him to talk for 2 minutes. The inspector says I’m working, and I’ll fix it. He says he just wants you, not the seat.

She smiles as Adi confesses his emotions to her. He says I want you and your dreams, promise me you won’t sacrifice your career, let IAS go, keep me with you, I don’t feel anything bad but cute when you’re with me.


Kavya and Adi hug. Inspector thanks Kavya. Omi says the truth will come out. Giriraj goes to Rajeev.

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