Meet 1st November 2023 Episode Update Wonderboy’s Deception Unraveled: Raunak’s Lip-Syncing Exposed


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Sakshi and Shagun are together with Raunak, who is bombarded by media reporters questioning his decision to stop performing. He clarifies that he is giving a chance to new talent, specifically the “wonderboy” who has been captivating audiences. At the same time, Shagun attempts to reach Raunak but fails to get through. Meanwhile, Raunak’s girlfriend expresses her desire for him to propose through a song. Sumeet realizes the potential repercussions if it is discovered that Raunak is not a Wonderboy, so he strikes a deal with Shagun for assistance. The condition is for Shagun to destroy the contract papers Shlok signed to protect Raunak’s reputation.

When Poonam asks Raj about Pankhuri’s health, she is distracted by Pankhuri, who takes her away before he can respond. Shlok tells Shagun he’ll wait by the car while she decides what to do. Sumeet reminds Shagun that Raunak might spill the truth under pressure, revealing Wonderboy’s true identity. Shagun instructs Sakshi to collect the contract. Meanwhile, Raunak’s girlfriend and the media press for Raunak to sing. Shlok overhears everything.

Shagun tore the contract papers, and Shlok knew what to do next. Raj remembers dropping his letter while Pankhuri faints and worries someone will find it. Poonam notices Raj’s nervousness and decides to talk to Sumeet. Raunak spots Shlok and signals him to start singing. He lip-syncs as Shlok sings. Sumeet shows the evidence to Shagun, asking her to wait until the climax.

Out of the blue, Shlok’s song comes to a halt and exposes Raunak’s authentic singing voice. His girlfriend delivers a slap as punishment for his deception. Shagun expresses her disapproval towards Sumeet for betraying her despite following her instructions. According to media reports, Raunak has been dishonest by portraying himself as a wonderboy and miming his songs. Stepping forward, Shlok continues singing and reveals the truth. He admits he has always been the real wonderboy’s voice while Raunak lip-synced. Sumeet uncovers Raunak’s actions to demonstrate the consequences of Shagun’s misguided upbringing, which leaves her in tears.

Shlok passes the Dhol to Sumeet, who then plays it around Shagun and Sakshi. Poonam confides in Sumeet that Raj appears to be anxious about something. In a dramatic moment, Pankhuri once again fakes fainting. Raj clarifies that Pankhuri requires treatment for her mental trauma, which they have decided to pursue in America. While Poonam has faith in Raj, she reminds him of the potential backlash from society if he takes Pankhuri alone with him. Sumeet proposes that Raj bring Priyanka along on their trip. However, later on, despite her efforts, Sumeet fails to get the real reason out of Raj. Meanwhile, Pankhuri begins scheming to prevent Priyanka from attending her visa interview.


Sumeet turns to Shlok and wonders if Pankhuri’s trip to the US for her health will be beneficial. Pankhuri then mentions that in five minutes, Priyanka will scream, and a set of weights will fall on her foot. Walking into the room with Shlok, Sumeet casually remarks that only Pankhuri uses weights in the house, specifically in the porch area. He is curious about how they ended up in Pankhuri’s room and even on a high shelf. Upon finding a nail extension near the shelf, Sumeet asks about it. The nail artist reveals that they had added the same nail design during Pankhuri’s previous visit. Connecting the dots, Sumeet expresses frustration that someone close to him is intentionally causing harm to another loved one. Unsure of who to support, he is caught in a difficult situation.

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