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Sarkar looks at Jalebi and says she is my second wife. Jasodha breakdowns. Manmeet asks Sarkar why you are punishing her. According to Sarkar, she called me her God but betrayed me, and God knows how much responsibility she is carrying, so I got a second wife, and Jalebi will take over from here on out.

Sarkar says she betrayed the whole family by giving documents to Meet, Sarkar destroyed the documents in front of everyone. Manmeet walks over to Sarkar and says you have a misunderstanding, everyone knows how much your mother loves you. Sarkar says she betrayed the whole family by giving documents to Meet. With tears in his eyes, Manmeet checks the documents and looks at Jasodha. He walks to her with the documents and asks, “Did you give these to Meet?” Jasodha nods her head in agreement.

According to Meet, Jasodha gave me these papers because she wanted me out of your life so that you could marry Shagun, and she did it for the happiness of her son. If someone has problems, they can leave this house because I’m sure I’ll marry Jalebi, so don’t try to hide her crimes by calling them love. She did a mistake and it won’t change my decision if someone has problems.

Manmeet holds Jalebi’s hand and stops them from going further. He says to Jalebi that she is the woman of this house and you cannot take her place in this village. He takes her with him.

Sarkar says you will ask her to leave, but remember one thing, many women are awaiting my marriage, in five days there is the mahurat of the wedding, so if anyone has problems, they can leave this family. In the end, Sarkar walks out, and Jasodha tries to catch him but fails. Imarti and Jalebi also leave.

The next day, Sarkar in his waiting room asked Imarti to take her sister to his room. Meet walks over to Sarkar and asks why are you doing this. You know well that she wasn’t betraying you. Your decision to marry again will break your family apart.

According to Sarkar, everyone is used to following Jasodha’s orders, but the rules and regulations at this house have never changed. Jasodha will be punished for her mistake. She is not an object to you, Meet says. She has supported this family for 30 years, and she is a member, but you are leaving her because of her motherhood. Having each other gives you identity.

Sarkar tells Narendra to see how broken his mother is. Meghna says to Sarkar don’t punish Taiji. Manmeet says she’s the soul of this house, so don’t think that I beg you; without her, the house cannot function. Sarkar is told by Meet that having two wives is a crime.

After getting up, Sarkar says, “What do you think?” I don’t know law and order, I’ll be back soon. He walks away. Jasodha and Manmeet approach Sarkar. Jasodha offers him hunter and says punish me. Sarkar walks away. Manmeet says to Sarkar that whatever his mother did was for her. You can beat me if you like.

Sarkar begs, asking to stay with him, but Manmeet reminds him that he has been apart from his own family for 24 years and left to imagine living with them. Not taking into consideration Jasodha’s suffering, Sarkar pushes her away and says that a man must take harsh decisions to show the consequences of when their wives make mistakes. He then exits the room.

In the room, Jalebi is excited. Imarti gives her milk and says you look so happy. Jalebi finds an almond in her milk and says it tastes just like diamonds. She sits on the floor and Imarti says get up and sit on the bed soon you will be the boss of this house and asks her to sit confidently.

Everyone doesn’t like this marriage, Jalebi says. Listen to me carefully, Imarti says Sarkar can handle it, and now it will be fun because everyone used to ignore me in this house, but now everyone will obey me. She walks to Jalebi and says we’ll rule here together.

Sarkar shows Meet the divorce papers and says to look at them carefully and that Jasodha should put her thumbprint there. Jasodha is asked not to put a thumbprint on the document as Meet reads it and tells her that there are no issues with his second marriage and you are willing to divorce him.

Sarkar takes Jasodha’s hand and applies ink on her thumb. Meet stops Sarkar and says this is wrong. Sarkar says to Jasodha you’ve always done what I said and today you’re listening to me. Sarkar takes documents from Jasodha and asks her to take a thumb impression.

Jasodha is told not to do that by Manmeet, and everyone shouts at Sarkar to speak to him. Jasodha shouts enough and says I cannot listen to any words against my God, she says to Sarkar, you can’t do anything wrong. She takes the document and uses her thumb impression to make it look official. Everyone is shocked.

The precap

Sarkar removes Jasodha’s ghunghat and throws water on her to remove the sindoor.

Meet stops Jalebi from applying Kumkum hand impression to Sarkar. Meet says, “Sarkar, I’ll stop you from marrying again as I stopped this ritual.”.

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