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Mahendra points a gun at Meet. Sarkar asks Manmeet to step aside. Manmeet shouts run away Meet. Meet walks out. Manmeet falls down. Mahendra and his men are asked by Sarkar to search for Meet, close all the exits of Sarkar and look for Chanda, I want Meet in any condition and tell everyone he will die if they try to help him, I want her in front of me, Manmeet can forgive her, but I cannot.

She runs down the street. Sarkar and Mahendra find her and ask her to stop. A loading truck comes in between Sarkar and Meet. They come forward to check, but she runs away.

Several ladies take the doil of the goddess. Sarkar asks his men to check the doli. Mahendra tells everyone to stop. Sarkar asks Mahendra to open the veil to find Meet. Every woman shows her face except one sitting inside the doli. A lady says we are going to take Jhaki. Mahendra and Sarkar ask them to leave.

The wind blows and the veil is blown off Meet’s face, but Sarkar doesn’t see her. Meet thinks I’m leaving now, but I’ll surely find out who attacked Manmeet. Sarkar, Mahendra, and their men return home. When Meet gets down from the doli, she thanks the ladies for helping her. When she sees Mahendra coming towards her, she runs towards the wrestling arena.

Mahendra is hiding from Meet. Chanda taps his shoulder, making Meet nervous. She asks Chanda if she’s alright, Sarkar is looking for you, his men came to check on you, I know you did nothing, and who could attack someone like Manmeet, who is a wrestler. I have to find the truth.

Manmeet is in his room, recollecting how Meet had stabbed him. The doctor advised everyone to take care of him and assist him with exercises. Shagun assured her no worries, she’ll look out for him. In agreement, the doctor suggested to get a nurse for Manmeet. Jasodha concurred and asked the doctor to arrange one. He accepted and then ominously commented that it’s likely he won’t be able to wrestle anymore. In response, Manmeet, in shock, remembered about his selection to an international wrestling match which made him furious.

Manmeet cannot accuse me of stabbing him, says Meet. Jasodha and Shagun ask Manmeet to calm down. Manmeet says I shouldn’t have accepted her friendship and we should remain enemies.

In Meet’s opinion, Manmeet is a good person, and he did everything because of Raj’s promise. When I learned everything, I called him meet and apologized, but someone fainted, and I have no idea what happened there. I believe the same person stabbed Manmeet, so I have to find out what happened.

Two wrestlers discuss Manmeet. Meet gets emotional and asks, “How will he live without wrestling?”. Manmeet responds that wrestling is very important to him. Manmeet asks Shagun to shut up, she says nothing will happen if you don’t wrestle, you are the son of Sarkar.

She walks out of the temple and enters the wrestling arena where Meet says I can relate to Manmeet’s pain. She takes mud in her hand and promises to find out who came between your dream and tried to destroy our relationship, and closes it with mud. Chanda says think one time it’s dangerous everyone’s looking for you. Meet says his happiness is mine, he’s everything to me.

On the call with Narendra, Mahendra asks him to look for Meet. Shagun walks to Jasodha and says I have prepared pooja for Manmeet’s safety. Jasodha tells Mahendra to go help with the pooja because Sarkar and Narendra won’t be back until they catch Meet; go sit in the pooja and I’ll be with Manmeet.

Everyone sits in pooja. Panditji chants mantras. Mahendra is instructed to follow a few rituals by the Panditji. Shagun asks Mahendra how he is unable to catch Meet given that she outnumbered you. Mahendra asks her to watch her words and says she may have fled Sarkarpur. In her mind, Shagun says she is not running, but rather will find out who is accusing her and why.

Seeing a girl walking in the market with God’s photo in front of her face, everyone turned their heads to look. A man calls Mahendra and says we saw Meet near the flower stall. Mahendra says wait there, I’m coming, and Shagun gets up from pooja and leaves. The two men are talking about a lady who doesn’t look like she is from here. Another man says she’s an angle.

I have to stay alert so she doesn’t come inside. Panditji says we are done with the pooja and asks to sprinkle water and flowers throughout the house. As Mahendra is on call outside his home, the lady with God’s photo passes Mahendra and walks inside Sarkar’s palace.

Shagun sprinkles water and flower petals and sees lady with God’s photo. She asks who are you and why are you coming inside. She says you welcomed me with flowers and now you ask who I am and asks shift I need to meet Manmeet. Shagun hears the voice and thinks about it and asks her not to continue.


Sarkar mentions to a wrestler he has seen the watch in Meet’s hand. He says she was talking to Dr. Chaudhary about Manmeet’s nurse and I gave her the information.

Meet seems to be telling Manmeet that if you have anything inside you, you should tell, as I heard you were cheated on.

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