Suhaagan 23rd May 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Bindiya informs her friends that Payal has gone to Mama’s house in the city. She tells that Payal used to have burgers, ice cream, watch cartoons on TV, etc. Her friend asks why she didn’t go then. Bindiya replies that she likes Chiraiya.

In response to her friend’s request for food, Bindiya says she already has it. Madan drops Madan off at her place. Rekha says we didn’t bring you here. Payal says he will go by himself. Madan tells Rekha that if she is kidnapped and her hands and feet are cut, she will do the same. He says the situation is dire.

Bindiya goes over the directions that Amma gave her, before cutting the harvest. Meanwhile, Payal is walking along the road and plans to share the whole story with her. Upon asking an old woman for her phone, she was rebuked and isn’t comfortable at all. Payal even imagines herself sitting amongst homeless children when a man inquires if she has lost her way and enquires about her family background. On being scared, Payal takes off running. Bindiya realizes she has managed to only bring in a small amount of yield this time and decides it’s time for her to get Ram Pyaari’s milk now so she sets off.

It is evening now, and Madan tells Rekha Payal hasn’t arrived yet. Rekha asks him not to take tension and to have walnut instead. Madan says that if anything goes wrong, they must go to jail.

She informs Madan that Maharani has returned. Madan opens the door, and Rekha scolds Payal upon seeing her, instructing her to wash the kitchen utensils. Payal departs to carry out the task. Rekha expresses her frustration, stating that the girl never learns and will try to leave again. As Madan accidentally falls and touches Rekha’s foot, she warns him not to allow Payal to engage in conversations with anyone.

When Bindiya arrives at Ram Pyaari, she tells him she is late. She keeps the bucket, but Ram Pyaari moves away. Bindiya gets upset. She makes food while doing homework. Phoolwati tells Bhim that Bindiya will always have burnt food. Amma asks Bindiya what happened.

Phoolwati comes there and tells Amma that one day she has to sell the farm. They laugh. Payal keeps her clothes back. Madan arrives and approaches Rekha, getting closer to her.

There’s trouble in this room, Rekha says. Madan asks her to go to another room. Rekha scolds her. Payal goes to another room, recalling happy times with Dadi and Bindiya. She throws the paper on his way. He asks what happened. She begs him to save her.

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