Meet 10th January 2023 Written Update

They make Meet and Meet Ahlawat sit on chairs and tie them up. The chief holds kerosene and says I’ll light you on fire. He spills kerosene around them. Special force walking upstairs. Chief lights the floor on fire. Then Meet Ahlawat gets romantic with her and talks about his death. Meet Ahlawat says stop talking rubbish and we have less time or they will flee.

In the corridor, there are terrorists. Meet and Meet Ahlawat chases them, and they see grenades on the floor, so they pick them up and throw them towards them. In shock, everyone sees smoke coming out of the building. The whole corridor is on fire. Then Meet hugs him and tells us to leave as soon as possible.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat start at the window. Everyone shoots down. The chief walks to them and says wait, you thought you’d be safe, but the gas started. You only have two minutes. When Meet Ahlawat finds out a time bomb is attached to his back, he is in shock. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet if he is scared. Meet says no, and she expresses her love to him.

Ahlawat, we have been stuck to each other since the first time we met in Shahbadh. Meet says I like it when you come to me with flowers and gifts to talk to me. When Meet Ahlawat gets emotional and says I want to hug you for the last time, he hugs her and remembers their good times together. She jumps down. Everyone tells them to jump from the window. Meet Ahlawat picks up Meet and says we will meet soon when and where I don’t know, but I’ll come back for you, please wait for me. He throws Babita out of the window.

As Meet falls on the safety net, everyone sees Meet Ahlawat joining his hands and a bomb blast. Babita falls down as well.

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