Pandya Store 11th January 2023 Written Update

Raavi asks Dhara to take responsibility. Rishita says Kaki knew I came to crack the deal, Shweta came there, but I am afraid Kaki can tell Shweta everything. The plan is weak, Rishita says. Dhara asks if Kaki told Shweta anything. Rishita says I didn’t tell her anything. Suddenly, Hari gets a call. He asks what, Shweta has eaten poison. He worries. Krish comes and tells him that Shweta will die now.

The next morning, when Hari meets Shweta, Shweta acts and emotionally blackmails him. Dhara claps and says she is quite clever, she is working on her new plan, she couldn’t tolerate our refusal, so she wants her parents to get this deal, so she has created this poison drama.

Krish says yes. Hari asks Shweta to return the Pandya store to them. Shweta says no, I can’t do it, I was angry that time. They are selling the house. Dhara says it will be fun when Shweta’s parents also go and we refuse to take her. Raavi worries about Shiva’s treatment. Hari asks the nurse to show the reports.

We have removed the poison. She came in time, otherwise, she would not have survived. Hari says I will speak to your mom. Shweta thinks you buy the house, I know how. Then Raavi goes to Shiva and takes care of him. She says she’s not happy seeing him like this, so we will do whatever we want until the money is arranged for the operation.

My head is aching a lot, I’m feeling strange, and he says you all are worried about me. I wouldn’t have agreed to Dhara’s plan if I wasn’t tense about your operation. He tells her just to get ready to step into Pandya store. Dhara brings tiffin for the old lady and asks her to help her get the store back. The lady says I can tell Shweta what your intentions are.

I will give you what you want if you help me. The lady says you won’t keep your word. Dhara says I am not from such a family. Suman is shocked when the lady demands one lakh. A man comes home and says he will buy the house for one crore. Dhara says I will give you one lakh, this store is my temple, I would have given you my life as well, and this store has kept my family together, so what do you think? I promise you, if we get to the store because of you, then I will accommodate you near the store, but you have to follow my instructions.

Suman says we don’t have to sell, just go. Rishita says you know one crore. Suman says just send him. Raavi and Rishita stop that man to talk.

Upon showing the money, he says, “I am giving you an advance of 25 lakhs.” He leaves. They look at it. Shweta wonders if her parents spoke to Dhara or not. Hari calls her and tells her that I have sent 25 lakhs to them, and we will know if they will send us a Pandya house. She thanks him.

Gautam and Dev arrive. Rishita announces a buyer has come to purchase the house for one crore, and he has given us 25 lakhs in advance. Suman scolds her. Raavi says we can get Shiva treated and get a new house and store, but you also have to accept that the old is old, we’ve spent a lot on maintaining this house.

She says we don’t need to sell the house, and that old woman has agreed. Rishita says we are getting a good price for the house, and that investor is providing the money. We will go with our old plan, it’s final. Dhara asserts that this house is priceless to us. Rishita disagrees.

Krish says Dhara’s plan’s success rate is low, but that man was sent by Hari; Hari wanted to buy our house indirectly, so Dhara asked me to keep an eye on Shweta; I saw him meeting Hari. Everyone is shocked.


As Suman is ill, Chiku makes kites and sends them to everyone.

Chiku runs and opens the door. He sees his little cousins. Dhara says you have to die. Suman says okay.

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