Meet 11th January 2023 Written Update


One year later.

Meet called Babita and told her we will be receiving all the documents and finally our son’s dream will come true. Raj says Meet has been trying to fulfil our son’s dream since he was a child. The girl is on a bike on a highway, where she stops to ask for the addressee. The old man asks first, “Are you a girl or a boy?”. Meet removes her helmet and asks, “Is this Ranipuri or Jot?”. He says yes, but now it’s Sarkar Puri. Meet thanks him and leaves.

On a remote ground, a man hands her papers and says it’s now yours. Meet gives him money and he leaves. Meet remembers her conversation with Meet Ahlawat. From today, your dream will begin to come true, I will establish India’s first women-run factory here. In Raj’s words, a few people outside were asking about Meet’s second marriage. Ishani enters with a picture of Meet for Bhoomi Pujan. The servant keeps the picture and leaves. Babita says to Raj that we will pray to God that she finds a loving family for her.

Having completed everything her mother asked of her, a lady walk inside after washing clothes as she was feeling cold. An old lady scolds her and tries to burn her hand with a heater. She shouts in pain and calls her mother. They walk in and see her. She is abused and scolded for not getting pregnant after marrying her son. A lady walks in and says Sarkar is on his way.

At the ceremony, everyone is enjoying. The mother-in-law as old as to make a tattoo on her hand says I am the wife of Ram Dhan. The lady says she does not want to tattoo. The mother-in-law scares her and explains why she has to tattoo. Meet Ahlawat and asks Dhanraj to come out of the car with Narendra and Mahendra.

A tattooed woman takes her hand away and says she does not want to participate in this nonsense ritual. Sarkar walks into the premises. He says if you don’t wish to write the name, leave it. The lady removes her dupatta. Sarkar says that if a lady does not have her husband’s name, then she is married to everyone and should take off her dupatta. He says I am a Sarkarpurite. Goon says that you have broken the laws of Sarkarpur. He gives her a paper and asks her to read it. Meet reads all the laws.

Sarkar and his family are doing rituals, he holds his wife’s hand and says, “You are my blessing” and everyone begins the pooja of Lord Krishna. A girl sneaks out of the pooja, she runs and hides with her bag. When Sarkar sees her leaving, he walks towards the gate, picks up the payal and shouts Meghna.

Meet reads all the laws against women in front of goons. She tears papers in front of them and throws them at them. They try to attack her. The Sarkar says that in Sarkarpur girls are not allowed to see dreams, and scolds her wife for not teaching her. It is time to teach this girl a lesson and show her reality. They attack her, but Meet fights back. The leader walks towards Meet to attack her with a sword, but she defends herself and throws everyone into a pit.

‘If you can’t handle your daughter, please let me know so I can bring her wife out’, Sarkar tells her wife. A goon shouts at Meet and says things will change here, as this is my husband’s dream. Meet leaves and hits a girl on the street. Meet apologizes to her and asks about her leg. It was the same girl who ran away from Pooja.

Drop me off at the bus stop and she leaves with her on a bike. The girl asks her to stop the bike. The girl asks if everything is okay, and the girl thanks her and leaves. Raj says yes and asks the servant to bring Meet Ahlawat’s picture to the Bhoomi Pooja. Meet says we got the documents, so we have to go for Bhoomi Pooja.

When Meet Ahlawat sees the photo, she gets emotional and asks why Ahlawat chose this photo and why Raj chose this one. The photograph Raj shows Babita is not the one I gave her to develop. Babita affirms that our son has never worn such an earring nor had such a hairstyle. He does not look anything like him.

There must be some memory between Raj and Meet Ahlawat, which is why she gave him this photo, and we will not tell her about it. The picture of Meet Ahlawat in the room says your dream will soon come true and I know you will be standing with me when it does.

It is impossible for you to run from me. There are a few men surrounding the girl who ran away. She sees well behind her and jumps inside. Sarkar walks towards her. She begins screaming for help. Sarkar frees her hands and sits beside her. He asks who the guy with whom you were trying to escape was. There is no one. Sarkar shows her photo sitting on the bike with Meet and says tell us who he is. She says he is not a boy.

It’s a girl who wears pants and rides a bike; she’s more dangerous than our men, she broke our rules, and our men got beaten up by her. Narendra walks in with his goons and says she is right, it’s a girl wearing pants and riding a bike. Upon entering, Mahendra says she is trying to open a factory for women only. Sarkar gets up and says she looks like a man and is very brave.

Panditji asks who will sit with Meet in pooja. Meet bring Meet Ahlawat’s photo and says he will sit with me. Raj says my daughter will do pooja with a photo. Panditji begins the pooja. Sarkar walks out with pot and throws water at havan to stop it. A scared Panditji ran away. Babita asked where he was running. Meet got up and looked at Sarkar.


Women of Sarkarpur have one responsibility, which is to take care of their husbands from morning to night, so when they have time to work in your factory, no one has the right to break the Sarkarpur rule.

Meet pick up a brick and place it on the ground. Says now the foundation is set and from now on all the laws of Sarkarpur will be the same as those of the government.

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