Meet 3rd June 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 3rd June 2023, Written Update on

She meets with a lawyer in his office who tells her that, as the biological mother, she has the right to her child. Meet expresses her concern about Shagun taking Cheeku to America within 48 hours. He explains that the court is closed on weekends, so he is unable to act immediately. The lawyer explains that he will not be able to help until Monday, and Meet feels helpless. Manmeet consoles her and promises to figure it out.

After Gunwanti tells Meet that Cheeku was taken by someone else, Sumeet arrives and asks if Meet has brought him home. Meet assures Sumeet that she will bring Cheeku home. Despite being a father, Sarkar allows all of this to happen and taunts Meet for crying, showing Cheeku on the video call. Meet becomes angry and leaves in frustration. Sarkar admits that he wants Manmeet to be free of Meet, and that their reunion was a mistake. He claims that he can regain his son only after Manmeet separates from Meet.

The two argue, with Jashoda trying to convince Sarkar that Meet is Manmeet’s happiness if he continues with his plan. Meet and Manmeet arrive at the location where Shagun is holding Cheeku captive. Shagun announces her intention to tattoo on Cheeku’s hands that she is his mother, blaming the rituals of Sarkarpur. Manmeet urges Shagun not to provoke Cheeku’s anger further, but Shagun insists on hurting Meet.

A disappointed Jashoda confronts Sarkar, warning him that if he fails to realize the truth, he will fail as a father. Sarkar maintains that Meet is the reason for his separation from Manmeet. Shagun prepares to tattoo Cheeku’s hand with an electric gun as Cheeku continues to cry and pleads with Meet not to leave. He asks Gunwanti for food, but Jashoda interrupts and says that he will not receive anything from her kitchen since he has separated a child from his mother.

Jashoda refuses to serve him food unless he helps Manmeet. Gunwanti and Sapna take Jashoda’s side and refuse to serve Sarkar. Meet returns with a water pot, which he drops on a wire, giving Shagun an electric shock. Cheeku runs to Meet to assert that a mother’s love cannot be defeated. Sarkar still refuses to help Meet and Manmeet. Mahendra praises Sarkar for his cunning plan and for convincing Shagun that Cheeku is Meet’s child. Sarkar admits he used Shagun for revenge against Meet.

In a search for Cheeku, Meet is pulled aside by Manmeet, who reveals that he has brought Cheeku with him. Shagun worries about the police being with her, but Manmeet explains that it is the only way to stop her. At the end of the episode, Shagun informs the police that Meet Hooda has taken her child.


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