Meet 12th January 2023 Written Update

As Sarkar mocks Meet for her factory, she says that in Sarkarpur, women are not allowed to work; they are only allowed to care for their husbands. He says Sarkarpur is out of this world and has out-of-this-world rules. Sarkar says I’ll pay you three times what you paid and don’t come back.

Meet mocks him. Then Meet gets bricks and throws them on the ground with water, and mud spills on everyone’s face. She says, “This is the foundation of the factory, and from now on Sarkarpur laws will be the same as in other worlds, so I’m going to see who will stop me.” After Sarkar and his men got back into their cars, everyone left.

Narandra and Sarkar Mahendra walk in to Sarkar’s house. Sarkar’s wife notices mud on her face, she asks what happened. Mahindra is about to speak. She tells Sarkar that she asked a question. He says if I take a vow, he will remove my spot and burn everything to the ground. She believes there is something he is hiding.

Sarkar explained to Mahendra that his wife will only respect him if she knows how powerful you are. The police inspector tells Meet he is ready to give you 3 times what you gave him. I suggest relocating the factory. Meet says you’re a police officer, asking me to leave. Inspector says he’s Sarkar, and the whole village knows his name.

My husband’s dream was to open a factory here for women, and I’ll do anything to make that happen. Mahendra says I’ll bury her inside. Sarkar says to his son, tell me about that girl. He scolds him and asks him to look up his house and everything when you become a sarkar here, most of the women will be dead, so what will you do, who will cook food for you and scolds him?

Meet, I’m sorry but many people complain about Sarkar, but they run away, and after seeing you, you shouldn’t be afraid. Meet walks up to Raj and Babita. Raj asks him if everything is fine. Meet says yes, we spoke with the police and they are with us; have you eaten dinner yet? Babita says no, you can get fresh and we will have dinner together.

Meet looks at the picture and wonders if I should ask Dad about it. Babita asks Raj why Meet chose this image. Raj says there must be some emotional connection.

She was crying and thinking about Meet Ahlawat in her bedroom. Police walk up to Sarkar as he is eating dinner. Sarkar asks the inspector for sweets. Inspector says no thanks. A man says bring Chatkan here, don’t worry, Sarkar will take care of him. Sarkar said to Inspector, I requested you, but you didn’t listen, so I had to get a politician from his meeting to listen to him.

Her mom shows her certificate and says you want to study because of this. She lights a matchstick and burns her certificate. Meghna is crying. Lady says your mother has bad luck because she only gives birth to girls and in Sarkarpur women only live for their husbands and give birth to babies.

Next morning, Meet walks to her land and shouts what is this, this is my land. Sarkar walks toward Meet, everyone greets him. Sarkar walks to Meet and says, did you ask me earlier? As she removes cattle from her land, she says Sarkarpur cattle are more educated. Sarkar says he wants to show her something and brings Chatkan. Sarkar shows Chatkan the paper, saying it is real.

The meeting says these are fake. Sarkar says this man sold me this land six months ago. Everyone standing there says Sarkar is telling the truth and we all agree. Sarkar says don’t worry you are a guest in this village, I’ll pay you what you paid.

Meet tells Sarkar you don’t have land. Inspector tells Meet not to worry, he’ll look into the papers. Sarkar and his men leave. Mahendra spills mud on Meet’s face by his car and leaves. Meet wonders how he will fulfil your dream. Standing alone on the ground, she receives a text message.

Sarkar’s wife reminds everyone to work properly and make arrangements for Lohri. Sarkar is busy with kids. A police inspector approaches, but Sarkar’s men prevent them from entering.

Sarkar asks them to be quiet and walks to the inspector. The inspector shows him the arrest warrant. Sarkar in shock asks who made the decision. Meet walks into the room and shouts his name loudly. She mocks him and says she filed a complaint against him.


Documents fly away from Meet Ahlawat. A piece of paper sticks to his face.

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