Pandya Store 12th January 2023 Written Update

Suman says I will throw this money at Hari’s face. Dhara asks Krish to give it to Hari. Suman says the old woman has gone to meet Mansukh. If Jankana is buying our house, so what, we’re getting money. Suman says Shiva will get treated, I’m his mother, and I’m also worried about him.

Shiva says I won’t get treatment with Jankana’s money. Dev says we’ll see what happens once the lady meets Mansukh. Hari says Dhara has called and refused to sell the house, and Krish has sent back the money. Mansukh comes. Krish looks on. Shweta says I won’t do the store registry. Mansukh says I like you a lot, I can buy the Pandya house if you agree.

She asks if you’re kidding. He says I don’t like you so much that I give money to you, I want to buy the store and house together, join hands with me if you like. Krish sees them. Shweta shakes hands. Mansukh says I’m buying the house from them, I will give it to you later. Shweta says I’m the real buyer, give them 10 lakhs.

They will kick me if I don’t give them 35 lakhs. Your family proposed one crore to them. She says I don’t have the money. Kaki says you have 25 lakhs, offer that and see what happens. I’ll give 25 lakhs, I’ll lay a trap, I’ll get the one crore store. Shweta says I should think before fooling them. Mansukh and Kaki come home.

Kaki thinks Dhara has given her respect for the first time. Rishita brings tea for them. Kaki feels happy. Dhara asks if you don’t drink tea. It’s good, Kaki says. Mansukh says she’s a nice lady. Kaki says you like me. Mansukh says I’m talking about Shweta. Dev says you don’t know Shweta better than we do, don’t praise her. Mansukh asks what their plan is. Dhara says we should release the bees there, she will get confused and sign. Kaki says it is hard to fool her. Dhara says we won’t lose this time.

Mansukh wears a wig. Kaki calls him handsome. He says Shweta will doubt me. Krish says to tell her that you wore the wig to impress Kaki. He says fine. Dhara tells him the plan. She says Shweta shouldn’t know about the earplugs. Rishita says you have to wear the wig. We need to give earplugs to tell instructions.

Raavi asks if he got caught or double-crossed us. They all ask her to shut up. Shiva asks her to say positive. Dhara says you always say negative. They all hear Mansukh talking to Shweta. Shweta laughs at his wig. Mansukh flirts with her. Gautam tells him to come to the point. Krish says Shweta is still my wife. Mansukh says I know. Shweta asks what. Mansukh says I sing bad, you are intelligent and beautiful, so I cannot be equal to you.

As Dhara asks Mansukh to come to the point, he says Shweta will talk about the plan. Shweta asks if Mansukh is drunk, what are you murmuring, are you talking to me or someone else? We will stay quiet now, Dhara says. Mansukh asks Shweta what her plan is. Shweta replies.

The papers will be exchanged when we get the chance, I will become the buyer, we will play a kidnapping drama to exchange the papers. Suman asks will she kidnap me, no. Rishita asks who will sign. Gautam says she can do anything. Mansukh asks to stop the fish market. Shweta asks why.

Shweta says yes, right, what’s the plan. Kaki covers up. Dhara tells him to control his tongue. She says give her the idea about bees. He says the kidnapping idea is risky, the registry office will be closed. Shweta thinks and says amazing idea. Dhara hugs Gautam. Mansukh says he has an idea, farmers leave honey bees to scare away insects, so we will also leave honey bees to change the papers.

Shweta asks whose idea this is. Mansukh says it’s their idea. Shweta asks whose idea it is. Kaki says it’s my idea, but she lies. Mansukh says we’ll go for the registry tomorrow. Shweta says fine, let’s go there together, don’t make any mistakes, I have been waiting for this day for the Pandya family to arrive on the road, so come on time tomorrow. Suman says we’ll see her then.


As Suman is ill, Chiku sends kites to everyone asking them to come back.

Suman says okay. Chiku runs and opens the door. He sees his little cousins. Dhara says they’ll come.

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