Pandya Store 20th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Natasha says Dhara will take care of everything. Raavi says Shivank and Arushi are here, we have to be careful, Dhara shouldn’t do this. Everyone dances on Chogada. Prerna tells Rishita about this. Rishita accidentally tells Dhara this. Dhara says that you are asking me not to tell you about it. Rishita worries. Dhara looks at Gautam. She says you should have told me sooner. Deven asks why everyone isn’t dancing.

In the panipuri plan, Arushi says poison will be added to the food. Shiva asks Hardik to take Deven dancing. Dhara asks who told us the plan to hide. Shiva says Gautam told us. Dev says no, Gautam says no, Krish says it. Krish says forget it, tell us what to do. In the kitchen, the food is cold. She asks Deven to change it and prepare fresh food. Deven asks if you don’t like Kajal. She says we have to think about it.

We cannot eat this spoiled food, Dhara says. Deven says, try to understand, how will we manage the food, why are you doing it. Kajal says, please do not do this. We are really close, so if you do not like me, don’t insult my dad. This spoiled food can make us ill, but Deven/Sanjay is a big businessman, so it will get handled. Kajal asks Hardik to say, since he praised Dhara a lot, and she is pointing out small issues. Hardik says no, there will be some reason.

He thinks something is wrong, what should I do? Sanjay says I want alcohol to digest this matter. Gautam says me too. Hardik asks what is happening. Gautam says I will tell you everything, just support us. Suman asks what’s going on with Dhara. Raavi says Arushi and Shivank are here. Suman asks if there is poison in the food. Shivank says this plan also failed. We will poison them at any cost. The kids talk about last time eating non-vegan starters.

Arushi says the colour will change, they will know. Dhara says I’ll tell you later. Kajal goes with Hardik. Shivank says we’ll add poison to the water. Rishita says we should leave, there’s lots of risk. Suman and Dhara agree. He tells them to leave, Hardik will feel bad, Gautam and I will stay back. Shiva says we’ll die together, but we won’t leave you alone. They all hug Dhara and Suman. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…

She smiles as Deven welcomes the guests. He says we just changed the food. The lady asks about Hardik and the Pandya family, and Deven says they’re there. She says amazing, they’re exactly like you said. She introduces Amrish, Chirag, Bhavin and Dhawal, her sons. Deven says they’re great. The boys greet. The lady signs her husband. Deven asks the boys to play with the Pandya kids. He leaves.

When Shweta calls Dhara, Chiku is crying. He hugs Shweta and cries. Dhara consoles him. She says, “I love you a lot, I’ll always love you, come to Maa, I promise you, I’ll hug you first.” She ends the call. The lady says we will go home and think about the bank problem. The man agrees. Shivank says I’ll call the drama company. Arushi says don’t call them. He says just wait and watch.


Natasha handles the Pandya store as an adult. Suman sees her grandchildren playing a mobile game. She smiles at Natasha.


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