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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 17th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Raavi expressing her love and understanding to Shweta. However, Shweta still argues with her. It is revealed that Shweta had previously deceived them and secretly got married to Krish. Raavi believes it must be Somnath’s wish for them to reunite. Meanwhile, Krish goes to Prerna and embraces her, assuring her of their reunion. Shivank arrives and calls out to Prerna, causing Krish to hide. After Raavi departs, Shweta suspects she may have been under the influence of alcohol and declines the soup offered to her by Shivank. Shivank inquires why she didn’t join them for dinner, but Prerna declines again. He then offers her ice cream as a peace offering. This angers Krish who overhears their conversation. Nonetheless, Prerna thanks Shivank for his concern but assures him she is fine. He stays with her and they engage in conversation for some time.

Shiva inquires, “What are you saying?” Dhara responds, “Please listen to me and understand. Your marriage cannot take place. Please do not ask me anything further.” Shiva questions, “Why is everyone trying to stop me?” Dhara replies, “Do not expect any help from me.” Gautam reminds him, “You are already married to a store. We are not your enemies. We will find a suitable human spouse for you.” Shivank retorts, “I can see who is my friend and who is my enemy. I will search for a girl on my own and not trust anyone else.” He walks away. Prerna suggests, “Come with me.” Shivank asks her to explain. She reveals the test results, stating, “The reports are negative. I am not pregnant.” Krish wonders why he cannot hear them speaking. Shivank suggests, “Maybe we should return to Canada.” Prerna disagrees, explaining that her father wants to invest in real estate and she cannot leave.

Shivank finds her foolish, while Gautam presents Dhara with a gold chain as an advanced birthday gift, which makes her feel sad. He explains that he knows it’s not her actual birthday and wishes to celebrate in advance. However, she expresses her dislike for birthdays. In the meantime, Prerna enjoys her ice cream while Shivank looks after her. This angers Krish who is watching from the cupboard. Seeing this, Prerna convinces Shivank to leave the room. Krish then comes out of hiding and threatens to harm Shivank. Gautam defends himself, saying that he shouldn’t be punished for his mother’s actions as she left and missed Krish’s birthday. Despite everything, Dhara still holds onto the person she has left and refuses to accept any birthday gifts. However, Gautam insists that Shweta’s pregnancy is true as he has seen the reports twice. Dhara disagrees and believes that they have seen the wrong report. In an attempt to distract her from all the chaos around them, Gautam asks her to focus on their relationship instead of others’ problems. Overwhelmed with emotions, Dhara hugs him tightly and cries in his arms.

As the day begins, Shivank notices Rishita’s cheerful demeanour. “It’s Dhara’s birthday today,” she exclaims, “we should definitely celebrate it.” Gautam chimes in, “I’m aware of that.” Rishita then questions him about his sombre expression. He replies, “On this special day, Dhara and Hardik became a part of our family.” However, Rishita brushes off his concerns and asks them to focus on the present. Dev interjects with Dhara’s preference for not celebrating her birthday. But Rishita assures them that she will appreciate the gesture. Raavi reminds them of Dhara’s previous anger towards them. Gautam emphasizes the importance of making up for their past mistakes and ensuring Dhara’s happiness on her special day by throwing her a party. Shivank agrees, acknowledging all that Dhara does for their family. Natasha volunteers to select the perfect birthday cake while Rishita adds, “It marks a new chapter in her life as well.”

Gautam and his family are busy making plans. He hopes that his wife, Dhara, will also be happy if he manages to make her smile. In the meantime, he urges the kids to keep their plans a secret from Dhara. They begin preparing for the occasion and everything seems to be in order. Chiku observes this all silently. Gautam then approaches Dhara, leaving her a thoughtful greeting card and chocolate before leaving again. Overcome with emotion, Dhara embraces the card tightly. Seeking solace, she heads to the temple where she bumps into Arushi’s mother. Lost in prayer, Dhara reveals that her own mother abandoned her on her birthday, causing it to become an unhappy memory for her each year. Hearing this confession, Arushi’s mother can’t help but feel moved to tears as well. Deeply hurt by her past experiences with her mother, Dhara admits that she hates her for ruining what should have been a special day for her.


On Dhara’s birthday, Shiva invites Arushi and her mom home. Dhara gets a birthday surprise.

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