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Pandya Store

Pandya Store on 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the latest episode, Dhara, Krish and Prerna arrived at their home. As soon as they walked in, Shweta warmly embraced Dhara. Meanwhile, Shivank started to devise a plan to impress Prerna. Raavi then requested Dhara’s help in stopping Shiva from pursuing a potential marriage match he had found through a marriage bureau. In fact, she even threatened to harm herself if Dhara didn’t intervene. However, when Shiva noticed the Pandya store nearby, he quickly declared his disinterest in marrying it and instead insisted on getting a divorce. Arushi happened to see Shiva’s picture and immediately labelled him as uncivilized. Convinced that she needed to go back to Mumbai now more than ever, she summoned her mother over the phone while simultaneously setting up a meeting between her and Shiva through a man who called him about a potential match that interests him.

Shiva states that he will meet them first and inform the family afterwards. Dhara reassures Raavi that they will not allow any injustice to befall her. Raavi urges them not to pity her, but instead, take action. Dhara consoles her and goes to speak with Shiva. Raavi seeks comfort in Rishita’s embrace as she cries. Meanwhile, Arushi and her mother arrive at the café. Shiva quickly prepares himself upon seeing Dhara’s arrival. In a rush, they all leave, with Dhara closely following Shiva. At their destination, Arushi’s mother inquires about Shiva, to which Arushi confirms that she plans to marry him despite his relation to Dhara. Her mother expresses hesitation, citing his familial ties, but Arushi remains firm in her decision to only marry him.

Raavi cries as she thinks of Shiva. To console her, Shivank promises to not let their relationship with Shiva break, and embraces her. Arushi invites Shiva inside while Dhara rushes in. Arushi’s mother worries about being recognized. Dhara calls out for Shiva. Raavi expresses her happiness at having her family with her. Shivank reassures her, saying that even though Dhara loves him, she loves Shiva more and to not lose hope because he is always by Raavi’s side. Meanwhile, Dhara searches for Shiva while he asks Arushi to order food.

Dhara decides to head home and speak with Raavi, unaware that Shiva is also present in the town of Somnath for the first time. After expressing his interest in Dhara, he suggests they meet up with his family and plan their marriage in a few days. Concerned, Arushi and her mother voice their thoughts about it being too soon. In response, Shiva asks if Dhara shares the same feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Shweta struggles with a heavy bag and receives a scolding from Dhara for being left alone to handle it herself. She retorts by stating that she doesn’t have children of her own to help her. Nonetheless, Raavi intervenes and advises Shweta to listen to Dhara’s words of wisdom. Upon noticing Dhara’s absence, Raavi asks if she has gone somewhere, to which Shiva reiterates his attraction towards Dhara and asks if she reciprocates his affection. Arushi confirms this with a “yes” while her mother expresses concerns about Shiva’s family liking her.

Raavi reveals that love is the key to winning someone over. Dhara applauds and acknowledges Raavi’s understanding of the concept, encouraging her to use her love to make the other person hers. She adds that she herself doesn’t have time to employ this tactic. Raavi then apologizes to Shweta for Dhara’s blunt words, urging her to still have the soup. However, Shweta questions their intentions, accusing them of playing a love-hate game in an attempt to drive her away from the house and feed her poison. Raavi dispels these doubts by drinking the soup without any negative effects, reminding Shweta that being pregnant requires extra care and support. Shweta explains that she already knows about their problems and takes responsibility for causing them, promising to prevent Shiva’s second marriage from occurring. This brings a smile to Raavi’s face. Meanwhile, Shiva excuses himself and prepares to leave with the food parcel, making sure he pays for it before leaving. Arushi’s mother voices her disapproval of Shiva as a potential son-in-law due to his lack of education and small-town background, but Arushi defends him by stating she sees no issue with him and is willing to marry him


During Dhara’s birthday, Shiva invites Arushi and her mom home. Dhara says I will never celebrate this bad day and will not let you get married.

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