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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Suman angrily scolding Mittu and sending him outside. Rishita expresses feeling dizzy and asks for Dhara’s whereabouts. Suman then turns to Raavi, instructing her to calm down. She inquires about Shiva’s marriage, to which he replies that it will happen once he finds the right girl. Suman then directs Rishita to go back to her family and not interfere between Dev and Raavi. Shiva openly admits that he has no wife but desires one, saying she should either find him a suitable match or put an end to his existence. Raavi threatens him saying she’ll deal with him herself and starts hitting him. In retaliation, he lifts her up and threatens to throw her into a well unless she confesses. Meanwhile, Shivank and Shweta arrive home and witness the scene unfold. Shweta urges Shivank to intervene and rescue Raavi, reminding him that she is his sister after all. Suman joins in, telling Shivank to stop the chaos.

Shiva says Raavi has a right to stop him from marriage, she has a relationship with him. Shiva asks what relation. Suman says no one will say anything. Shivank says I’m still alive. Shiva scolds him. They fight. Suman tells him to stop. Dev and Gautam return home. They stop the fight. Shweta laughs.

Shiva expresses concern that Raavi may have an issue with his marriage, causing her to cry. Suman tries to comfort her, while Raavi denies having any involvement. Gautam abruptly intervenes, prompting Shiva to question if he should not get married. Suman fiercely responds and Raavi wonders how to prevent the marriage. Shiva asks for clarification from Gautam, but he walks away. Raavi turns to Dev and Rishita, who also avoid the conversation. Feeling alone without the support of her parents, Raavi accuses them all of conspiring against her. Shivank reassures her that her brother is still alive and will stand by her side.

If you can, Shiva says you should tell me. She says I will raise a voice. He says, then tell me. She believes I cannot tell him the truth. Raavi says enough Raavi, you won’t say a word, I’m here, I’ll tell him why he can’t marry. Shiva says yes, tell me. When Shiva asks what nonsense, he means when you all have food, I also have food. He says you get suffering when you get married.

There are too many expenses involved in marriage, Gautam says, and you promised to never marry, but just take care of the Pandya store. Rishita jokes and says I was talking from Raavi’s point of view. Shiva asks if I said this. Dev replies yes, you said you would take care of our children. Gautam says you got married. Raavi asks him to tell him who he married. Shiva asks him to tell him. The man asks if I got married. Gautam says yes, you married a store. Shweta laughs.

You said you loved Pandya store, and you married it, so you can leave everything behind for it. Shiva asks what are you saying, Pandya store is my mother, how can I marry my mother? He goes. Suman says very nice, Pandya store. They all laugh. Raavi says Shiva went to Arushi, my life got ruined. She asks Gautam to explain Shiva to her.

As the situation unfolds, she inquires about Dhara’s whereabouts. Rishita confirms that she is not present. Shweta chimes in, saying that Krish and Prerna are also missing. Frantically, she rushes off to search for them, suspecting Dhara of causing their disappearance. Shivank voices his concern for Prerna’s absence as well. Meanwhile, Dev attempts to reach out to Dhara via phone call. Exhausted by the chaos, Suman expresses her frustration with the ongoing drama. Dhara, determined to prevent Krish and Prerna’s marriage, receives a call from the marriage bureau and bumps into Arushi on her way out. Judging by her mutters about the “marriage mess,” Arushi concludes that she despises everything about Dhara and wishes never to see her again.


Shiva meets Arushi and her mother. Arushi says your family should like me. Dhara says I won’t allow you to marry.

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