Pandya Store 24th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Compassion Leads to Unforeseen Danger!

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dhawal holds Natasha’s hand at the beginning of the episode. Amrish tells her that she is just a bahu, nothing more than that, and she has to follow our rules, and things will continue as they are. He says women cannot attend puja in such times. Pranali says he thinks he will beat Dhawal today. Hetal says the food has been served. Amba says we’ve been slandered. Dolly says I will set the plates.

It’s not a joke, Amba says, don’t dare go ahead. She scolds Dolly. As a punishment, you must follow the rules now. For the next three days, you will not sleep in bed; you will rest on the ground; you will prepare your food and wash your utensils, and you can’t leave your room or meet anyone. Chirag is told you won’t stay in Dolly’s room for three days. Natasha says, but I’m afraid that’s not right. Amba asks, did anyone ask you?

Amba requests Dolly to stay with her for three days, and the same rules will also apply to her. This causes Dolly to cry, and Amba immediately accuses her of orchestrating the situation. Natasha, who is also crying, is reminded by Amrish that their four brothers have a tradition of eating first before their wives serve the food. Amrish then tells Hetal to leave her duties and allow Natasha to serve the meal today. However, Natasha continues to weep as she seeks help from Dhara and Rishita. She eventually brings out the food while Amrish instructs Dhawal to sit down. Although Dhawal initially refuses and pretends to fall over some spices, causing concern among everyone present.

Dhawal says I need water to clean my eyes. Amrish asks, “Should I drop you off at the room?” Dhawal says no, I’m going. Natasha says, but food… Amba says we can’t eat the food until he gets better. Amrish asks Natasha to help Dhawal. Dhawal washes his face. He says it’s foolish of me to do that to impress my wife, but she doesn’t care. Natasha comes and says yes, you’re right. He says I did this for you. She says I won’t come in your words.

Natasha and her brother always eat together. He mentioned that this is a tradition they have followed since childhood, which he continues to do for her sake. He cries out in pain, and she immediately tends to him. The song “Kya Kahun” plays in the background as he expresses his gratitude towards her, saying he hopes to win her trust someday. Meanwhile, Natasha approaches Hetal and asks if she should give pizza to Dolly, whose chef is sick. Hetal gives her permission but reminds her not to tell anyone. Later, Natasha notices Hetal sorting through clothes and asks about it. Hetal reveals that they are getting ready for Garba, and she is searching for the perfect outfit. Natasha finds a gorgeous gown and remarks that it would fit her perfectly. Hetal shares that she used to wear a suit for Garba but now prefers gowns. She then proudly shows off pictures from past competitions where she emerged as the winner each year.

Amba comes to see Dolly. Chabeli asks whether you want something. Dolly says no, can I go out? Amba says no, you have to learn our rules. Hetal says I was like you too before. Natasha says it’s not wrong to dance. She encourages Hetal. Amba asks Dolly to come if she can keep peace. Natasha sees Amba coming and hides the pizza. She wonders if she saw it.


Dolly sees a snake entering her room and screams. Natasha falls. The snake bites her. Dhawal shouts Natasha. Everyone is shocked.

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