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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shweta coldly confesses that she had no love for Chiku and only used Natasha to seek revenge on Dhara. Chiku is devastated and drops a glass while crying. He tells Dhara not to touch him and reveals that Shweta told Prerna the truth about him not being adopted but taken from Shweta. He declares that Shweta is his real mother. Dhara breaks down in tears and questions Rishita about snatching her child and being so heartless.

She accuses Rishita of not valuing her and shows her anger towards everyone in the family. Dhara tells Rishita that she doesn’t care if they smile, cry, live, or die. Chiku firmly states that he doesn’t care for Rishita anymore. Prerna, feeling remorseful, breaks down in tears as well. Dhara questions why Prerna did this to her after she had shown her love and care.

Dhara admits that she accepts the truth that Dev, Krish, and Shiva are not her biological children. Everyone is shocked by her revelation. Dhara then asks Krish to leave, but Krish firmly refuses, declaring that Dhara is his mother, and he won’t go anywhere.

Dhara firmly tells Chiku not to call her “Maa” and expresses her hatred towards him and everyone else. Gautam tries to reason with her, saying that everyone loves her, but Dhara declares that they mean nothing to her anymore. Krish confronts Prerna about her actions and blames her for leaving Dhara all alone. He decides to book Canada tickets for both of them to leave. Prerna attempts to explain, but Krish is resolute in his decision and asks her to pack her bags.

Feeling lost and abandoned, Chiku claims to be an orphan with no one in the world. Dhara reassures him that she is there for him, but he insists that he has no mother. Prerna tries to convince Chiku that Dhara is his real mother and loves him. Similarly, Natasha denies any connection with Rishita and claims to be an orphan as well. Prerna tries to persuade her otherwise, but Natasha is adamant.

Dev feels dizzy, and Shweta takes advantage of the situation to manipulate him. Gautam and Shiva follow Dhara as she locks herself in a room. Raavi tries to intervene and stop the commotion, but Shiva dismisses her. Shiva breaks the door to get to Dhara, while Gautam guards the entrance.

Ganpath slaps Shivank, but Shivank manages to deceive him. Krish also feels dizzy, and Shweta takes him away while pretending to be Prerna. She apologizes for her actions, and Krish falls unconscious over her shoulder. Prerna calls out to him.


Shweta firmly declares that she has no intention of leaving the Pandya house. In response, Dhara issues a challenge, asserting that she will ensure Krish’s marriage takes place with Prerna.

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