Pandya Store 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd April 2023, Written Update on

Rishita suggests that Natasha have some soup, but Natasha argues against it. Rishita asserts that she is Natasha’s real mother, and Shweta has misled her. Concerned about Krish’s bold behaviour and her lack of trust in Shivank, Rishita contemplates how to escape from the situation. Meanwhile, Shivank arrives with food for her.

She asks what’s good news. He says I did a great job, say thanks. She says thanks, what do you want? He says I’ll ask that when the time comes. She asks what you want. He says if I get that, you’ll be happier, I want Krish and your marriage to stay. Natasha says you’re the real mom, but I’m interested in becoming Dhara’s daughter.

Rishita says okay, have the soup now. Natasha gets up. The soup falls. The nurse scolds Rishita. She says young mothers can’t handle their kids. Rishita scolds her back. Rishita says I’ll go get you juice. Krish recalls Shweta’s words and becomes angry. He sits crying. Dev returns home.

He notices the family, and Gautam suggests that they go to the hospital. Dev inquires if Gautam has deposited the money into the bank account. Gautam confirms that he has. Suspicious, Dev asks whether the money is truly in the bank or if it is stashed in the alcohol bottle. Dhara, upon hearing this, reprimands Dev, stating, “I’m just asking Gautam. He claimed to have deposited the money, but the account only shows 500 rupees.” The revelation shocks everyone.

It’s been taken, Dhara says. She tells Prerna to take the children in. Gautam asks why you didn’t tell me if you needed money. Dhara says I did, don’t worry, I’ll get the money. Gautam demands that the operation be done immediately. He becomes angry. Prerna says I got your food here, don’t leave the room, promise me, be good kids.

She is promised. Chiku asks why everyone is angry. Prerna says it’s elders’ talk, we’re kids, we shouldn’t get into it, you take care of everyone. Suman asks why you took the money. Dhara says we thought we’d gotten the Pandya store, but it wasn’t. Gautam asks what you mean. Prerna arrives. He asks Dhara to respond.

She recounts how, after Mama and Mami’s passing, Shivank approached her like a hidden snake. On the day Suman and Kanta went to the temple with Shivank, a picture captures Shivank arriving home and meeting Dhara. He attempts to touch her hand, but she quickly pulls away, demanding to know how he dares to touch her. Shivank, trying to calm her down, reveals, “It’s me, Shivank. Don’t get angry.” Dhara, infuriated by his audacity, scolds him and becomes increasingly furious at his nonsensical behaviour. She questions his reason for being there. Meanwhile, Gautam arrives home in an inebriated state. He requests Dhara to bring him food and retreats to his room. Shivank, taking advantage of the situation, expresses pity towards her, stating that her Devars (brothers-in-law) have left the house and Gautam is intoxicated, leaving her lonely. He arrogantly declares his intention to keep her happy, emphasizing that she should understand. Dhara, filled with rage, slaps him in response.

The woman asks him to leave. He says he came to fulfil my parents’ last wish. He shows her the papers. He says I got them from my dad’s belongings, I also own shares in the Pandya store.

He says even my mum didn’t know it, dad had hidden this, so I came to make my mum happy, so I’ll ask for 20-25 lakhs and take these papers, and our tension will disappear. Dhara says you think we have a money plant in the house, who knows whether the documents are valid, cheat, Gautam and I have paid off the loans, Suman doesn’t know about it, I’ll call Suman and ask. Shivank stops her and asks how she can do it.

After her sons left her, he tells her that she is already near death, so just give me the money and I will go. She asks him to get out. He says he will go to court and file a complaint. Gautam falls down the staircase and gets hurt. Dhara rushes to help him.

FB ends. Rishita gets the juice. She finds Natasha missing. She worries. Shivank asks if she’s okay. Gautam says I want food. Dhara does the aid. Shivank says I’ll file an FIR and come. Dhara worries. Shivank says he’ll file the FIR and come. Dhara worries.


Dhara gets the passbook. She says I gave the check to Shivank. Gautam says Suresh’s name is on the entry. The doctor says surgery cannot be performed unless the money is deposited.


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