Faltu 6th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 6th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ruhaan gives Faltu a call to congratulate her and shares the news that Janardhan and Dadi are now doing well. Faltu expresses her gratitude. Sensing a hint of sadness in Faltu’s voice, Ruhaan remarks, “You may feel disheartened that your dreams have been taken away, but remember, you still have a strong connection to cricket. You need to secure your selection for the state trials by using Shanaya’s name. Let me know when you will be available to meet with me.”

She nodded in agreement. Kinshuk approached her, concerned, and asked, “Is everything alright?” She shook her head and replied, “No, I was just speaking with my father. He’s in need of some money.” Kinshuk, noticing a hint of urgency, mentioned, “There’s a situation in the kitchen, something is burning. That’s why I came to find you.” Calmly, she assured him, “It’s fine, I’ll take care of it. Please keep Charan’s matter confidential.” Meanwhile, Ayaan observed the unfolding events from a distance and approached a man, requesting money.

He asks him to give Charan money. He says he will send it tomorrow. Faltu enters the kitchen. Savita and Kumkum wonder where he is. Faltu says go and rest, I will handle it, food is ready. Savita says fine, I’ll go. Tanu cries.

When Faltu recalls Ruhaan’s words, Sid asks why you are crying. Tanu replies, “I’ve seen Savita and Kumkum loving Faltu, which is why they hate me now.” Sid says it’ll all be fine, eat. She says we’ll have food with everyone. He says this isn’t possible. Sumitra says that he’s right, they won’t forgive us. Tanu refuses food and leaves.

It’s important for me to do a good Saas drama, Sumitra says. Sid jokes and goes. Ruhaan meets a lady. Geeta thanks him. He asks if there’s anything else I can do for you. She says no, you’ve already helped me a lot. He says he understands youngsters. They make mistakes in this age. I love helping people. She asks how you reached me today.

He congratulated her, saying, “Congratulations! You have become the president of the cricket academy. I happen to know two girls who are talented players. They should participate, and I trust you to send their names for the state trials.” Curiously, she asked, “Who are these girls?” He replied, “Shanaya and Faltu Singh. They are my younger sister and her friend.”

I will try my best, don’t worry. He says he doesn’t take any help, and when I do take, I don’t like to hear no. I got your daughter’s pub videos, I’ve hidden them for now, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep them hidden.

Sumitra stops Govind and behaves amicably, but this only serves to enrage him. Feeling guilty, she resorts to emotionally blackmailing him and he retorts that his lawyer will speak to her. He storms off, leaving her worried. Faltu attempts to raise Ayaan’s spirits by telling him he brings joy when he smiles – the young man inquires if that makes him a child. She replies in the affirmative, adding that everyone is happy when they see his smile and suggesting he keep it ever present. He mumbles about having to return money to Goldie, give back Ruhaan’s house and find a way of making an income since his dad and grandmother had surgery – also noting Ruhaan won’t be too pleased about working for him.

She says we will sort everything, and have food. She takes food for Tanu. Ayaan asks are you joking. Amar told me she kept Prasad for us. She says she hasn’t eaten for 2 days, she is praying for Dadi and Dadi and regrets her actions. Trying to get our attention, Ayaan asks are you coming.

She says we should keep our humanity. Govind says you don’t need to worry about them. She says they’re family. She says they’re part of our family. He says I already spoke to my lawyer. She says don’t say this before. Tanu is acting to gain our sympathy, according to Ayaan. Savita says her heart is big, that’s her good quality, so she can do whatever she wants.

When Faltu delivers the food to Tanu, she says I know you didn’t have food, Dad and Dadi are fine, they’ll get food when they come home. Tanu asks if you got food for me. Faltu says yes. She goes. Sid says she took the first step, she got the food, and we’ll have it. Tanu thanks and says she’s happy you’ve forgiven me. Faltu says I’ll never forgive you, and I got this food for humanity’s sake. She leaves.

He inquired from Sumitra about what had happened, and she revealed, “Your father informed me that a lawyer will be speaking to me about divorce. It implies that he intends to divorce me.” Sid asks what. She says everything will be ruined, where will I go, what will I do? Faltu finds Ayaan sleeping. She says we must make such decisions in order to keep the family happy. He opens his eyes. She worries.


Faltu announces, “I have enrolled in a cricket academy, and from now on, I will be staying there.” Ayaan is taken aback, shocked by the news.

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