Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th March 2023, Written Update on

Virat explains to Bhavani that although Paakhi is his responsibility, if he chose his love over that then he would be considered selfish. Despite trying, he finds it impossible to forget Sai; she’s always on his mind and when he closes his eyes, her image is there. Recently she appeared in a dream with children in tow; it’s at this point Virat understands how important it is for him to keep both Sai and his children in his life.

She says she wants each child to be happy, especially Virat; if a relationship becomes a noose, it’s best to end it, so her and Paakhi’s relationship should be ended.

Because Ashwini is Virat’s mother, she knows Virat will not break their relationship at any cost. Paakhi claims Virat doesn’t love her. Ashwini says love returns many times, Vinayak is a bond between her and Virat that keeps them together forever. Paakhi breaks down. Ashwini comforts her.

Virat asks Bhavani if she is advising him to end the relationship. Bhavani replies that she is doing injustice to many relationships because of one relationship. Virat asks what she means. She says that he is doing injustice to Sai first, what did Sai do to make her live alone;

It is unfair for him to be with Sai and suffocate with Paakhi because he likes to be with him and suffocates with Paakhi; he said he feels happy with Sai; it is wrong for him to love someone else when he is married to another person; it is unfair for Paakhi to be stooping low to get his love and fall into the gaze of everyone; he must free her from this delusional relationship and free himself; it’s better for Paakhi to cry at once, then both can go wherever they want. Virat’s eyes light up with hope.

When Paakhi does not answer Vinayak’s call, Sai walks to him, wipes his tears, and asks if he is upset that she won. He says his mother lost, and Sai says Paakhi was wrong. She enters the room and shouts at Sai to stop manipulating her son. She tells Vinu that Sai has stolen something precious from his mother that cannot be replaced in life, Sai is a bad woman, etc.

Ashwini enters and advises Paakhi to focus on her own well-being and to stop worrying about Sai. Paakhi shouts, expressing her desire to have her son back. Vinu, feeling overwhelmed, quickly leaves the room. Observing this, Virat realizes the situation and attempts to explain, but Vinu hastily runs away. Vinu insists that his mother is always right and that Virat should support his wife instead of Sai. Bhavani intervenes, stating that this conflict will persist indefinitely and suggests that Virat make a decision to free himself from it.

Sai’s photos are served instead of food to Satya. His family insists he marries Sai. Satya asks them to stop. Amba starts emotional blackmail, saying she will die without seeing Satya settled. Satya leaves. All of the ladies were betrayed in love, and Amba cannot imagine Satya leading a lonely life.

According to Gayatri, they were stage dancers who everyone wanted to touch behind the stage, but not in real life. They left their profession for Satya’s sake and wanted to see him settle down. Satya gets tensed when someone calls him and says they know what loneliness is. Amba says they do not want their curse to hit even Satya.


Paakhi expresses her desire to begin anew with Virat, hoping for a fresh start. Virat responds, agreeing that he also wants a fresh start but admits that he can no longer stay with Paakhi. Instead, he expresses his intention to bring Sai back into his life. Filled with excitement, he swiftly opens the door and calls out for Sai.

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