Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Unanticipated Visit and Emotional Farewell


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Yashwant reflects on Ishan’s confrontation, he can’t help but feel upset. However, Ishan quickly apologizes for his rude tone and announces his resignation from the board of directors, effective tomorrow. Yashwant reminds Ishan of how he carefully nurtured him, helping him become a professor who will one day take over the college. Ishan mentions how he brought home a trophy in economics for the college five years ago and that no student has achieved that since. He also praises Savi’s potential to top the UPSC exams. Yashwant assures Ishan that he doesn’t care about any specific gender and promises to give Savi a room in the hostel. However, he does not want Ishan to resign from his post. Relieved, Ishan agrees and shares an embrace with Yashwant.

Savi informs Harini about getting a hostel room with Ishan’s help. She asks how Ishan helped him when they were at loggerheads. Ishan realizes his mistake and understands that she deserves to study at his college. He fights for justice and even for her. Harini taunts Ishan, sir, that someone is falling for him. She asks how her family is treating her and if Kiran apologized.

As Harini says, Kiran did not, nobody is talking to her. Savi asks her not to bother and to take good care of her. She promises to never tolerate injustice again and asks when she will move to Ramtek. After seeing Isha off, Savi says Isha is moving back to Ramtek. She prays for Harini’s baby to be born soon and fill her mother’s life with happiness.

Savi helps Isha prepare her bag, and she expresses her gratitude for Savi’s timely visit, which also resulted in Harini securing a hostel room. Shantanu shares that he is pleased to have been able to assist his wife in any way. Isha becomes bashful but sad as she reflects on her strained relationship with her son, who is not speaking to her. Savi offers encouragement while Isha shares that she plans to depart for Ramtek later tonight. Savi silently prays for divine intervention and wonders if Ishan may come to them instead. Suddenly, she notices a flickering light and thanks God. Meanwhile, Ishan sees Savi’s incoming call and answers it promptly.

Savi inquires about his current whereabouts, to which Ishan responds that he is en route to college. Wondering why she asked, Ishan remarks. Savi clarified that she had forgotten to obtain his signature on the hostel mess form. In response, Ishan suggested that she visit him at college. However, Savi expresses her concern about taking a potentially dangerous route and mentions that Shantanu is throwing a farewell party for her. She then asks if he could attend the party and sign the form instead. Ishan notes that it’s interesting how a girl who used to argue with him is now inviting him to a party. Feeling hesitant, Savi offers to visit college alone if he doesn’t want to come. But Ishan assures her that he will go there instead of her coming.

Savi is entangled in decorative lights when Ishan reaches Shantanu’s house. In the background, a song from the serial plays. Power returns. Savi thanks Ishan for helping her and attending the party. He smiles and tries to help her but also gets himself entangled. Astha and Shikha walk in with a farewell banner and are nervous when they see Ishan—power returns.

Ishan asks what they are doing here. Asmita says Shantanu is throwing a farewell party for Isha and doesn’t know if he will come here, so they came here lying at home and asked him not to let her family know. Surekha asks where she is going. Surekha nods yes. Shantanu walks in and says Savi is shifting to a hostel and doesn’t want anyone to give her a present. He acts surprised at seeing Ishan. Savi thanks him for saving her.

Shikha and Asmita show Ishan a banner and say surprise… Isha gets emotional seeing Ishan and says she is happy he has come. After stopping her, Ishan says he is here to sign Savi’s essential documents, not her farewell party, and asks her to come out. Shantanu advises Isha not to get upset with Ishan’s behavior because he is a good person and will accept her one day.

Asmita and Shikha say the same. Ishan asks Savi why she lied and contacted him here. Savi says his signature was needed. Ishan says she could have gotten it just by calling, and she called him here specifically to meet Isha. Savi says he doesn’t understand him. As he knows Isha wanted to meet him before she left, he angrily shouts not to lie. He is a brilliant student, so she should focus on studying and never interfere with his personal space. He leaves.

Upon returning to Isha’s side, Savi expresses her remorse for involuntarily bringing Ishan into the situation and causing her discomfort. However, Isha reassures her there is no need for apologies as she wanted to see Ishan before leaving. She even sacrificed by placing her college and future on the line to fulfill this wish. She expresses her gratitude towards Savi for everything she has done. Isha also mentions that Ishan’s hatred towards her seems to have diminished, as he did not lash out or create a scene. She acknowledges Savi’s unwavering support and thanks her once again. Shantanu then suggests steering away from the emotional conversation and instead celebrates with a cake cutting. As Isha cuts the cake, she expresses how much she will miss everyone and shares it with all of them while thanking Shantanu.


It breaks when Ishan tries to fix Savi’s hostel room door lock. Ishan asks Savi to call someone from her phone because he left his phone in his car. Savi says her phone is dead. What can they do now? Ishan says they will play Antakshari. When he sees a rat, he jumps on a chair and asks Savi to frighten it away. Savi laughs, saying that a 6-foot man is afraid of a rat. He jumps on her.

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