Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Usha notices Sai’s tension and tells her to tell her about her problem. Sai says she feels Vinayak is alive and describes the event when Sahiba left the orphanage in Bal.

As Usha says, her life is already full of ups and downs, so she shouldn’t add any more tension. Pratap’s girlfriend Ruhi thought he was dead and married someone else, but she feels Vinu is still alive and wishes to find him, so she sent Virat a message asking for Anandi’s phone number, the bal orphanage warden.

Usha suggests she not involve Virat or anyone until she finds solid proof. Sai says she will find out their Vinu for sure. Savi says Vinu Dada is already with them and asks if she should call him. She heads to City Hospital in an auto and hopes to find out Savi’s real brother soon.

Virat recalls Karishma confronting him, accusing him of neglecting Sai and supporting his ex-girlfriend Pakhi. Pakhi asks him if he still believes Karishma’s accusations and if he really did wrong to Sai. In truth, Virat says yes, but Pakhi shouldn’t bother about it and rest well to recover soon. Virat notices Sai’s message to send Anandi’s number and wonders if she knows about Vinu.

Virat calls Sai at City Hospital. She says she has been waiting for his call eagerly. He asks the reason. She says she needs Bal orphanage’s warden Anandi. Virat asks if she wants a job there. He thinks Sai isn’t being honest and says he will send the number. He hears Sai asking a peon about hospital dean Dr Ashok Kambde and asks if she works at City Hospital. She says yes, how does he know?

Sai says no need for that and calls him khadoos jasoos/detective. Virat asks what she said and recalls earlier incidents. He believes Sai must be searching for Vinu, he should stop her before she finds out the truth as he knows she will find the truth at any cost. She apologizes, saying she said that by mistake.

As usual, Sonali blames Sai for Karishma’s extramarital affair and her leaving home. Bhavani scolds her about many outsiders knowing about Karishma’s affair except them. Sonali blames Sai for provoking Karishma to have an affair.

Karishma instead becomes angry at Sai as she suspects Sai told Mohit about her affair. Bhavani curses Sai for trying to ruin their family and says she will call Sai and ask why she is still behind Chavans. Anandi assures Virat that she will not reveal Vinu’s biological parents to anyone.

When Virat calls the hospital dean, he can’t reach him. Fearing Sai shouldn’t have reached him, he speeds towards the hospital. As Sai meets Dean, she introduces herself and asks about a boy found after the Nagpur-Gadchiroli bus accident. Dean says someone had already questioned him about the boy.

Wardboy tells Sai that his friend has come to meet him. Dean walks out and finds Virat, who asks him not to reveal Vinu’s information. He tells Virat that Dr Sai Joshi is already in his cabin. Virat asks Dean to mislead Sai so that she will stop looking for Vinayak. Dean returns to Sai and refuses to divulge any information.

Anandi informs Virat that her staff caught Sai stealing data from her computer at night. Sai tries to steal Vinu’s information from Anandi’s computer during the night. Staff catch her.

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