Pandya Store 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha Confronts Betrayal and Leaves Pandya Store

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with a heated argument between Natasha and Amba. Natasha expresses her disappointment, feeling betrayed by her family. Dhawal pleads for her to stay, but she is convinced they have never truly cared for her. She even threatens to break the business deal and keep the Pandya store for herself, not wanting their love or support anymore. Determined to leave, she gathers her belongings and heads for the door. As she is about to exit, Dhawal stops her. Meanwhile, Suman tends to spill some milk on the stove when it suddenly spills over. Mittu and Shesh offer to clean it up while Suman reflects on everything that went wrong that day. In a moment of prayer, Natasha walks out accompanied by Dhawal. Unfortunately, as she rushes out, her bag accidentally hits a nearby puja plate, causing sindoor and water from the kalash to spill onto the ground. Unaware of this, Natasha leaves behind with an imprint of her footsteps for everyone to see. A sobbing Dhawal watches as she walks away from him and their family home.

Shesh claims he can clean the whole house in just 2 minutes with an imported machine. Suman teases him while Mittu chuckles. Hetal’s son approaches Natasha and inquires about her plans. She dismisses him, telling him to go inside. He notices she is crying and asks her what happened. Natasha explained that some dirt had got in her eyes and asked him to go inside. He hugs her and worries about failing his exams without her help. Natasha reassures him that he should be a good boy and go back inside the house. Reluctantly, he leaves. Amba comments on Natasha’s misfortune, as she had previously warned Amrish about it. Dhawal rushes to stop Natasha while Amba instructs her daughters-in-law to get to work.

Natasha arrives home and is greeted by Chiku. The auto driver offers to help with her bag, but Chiku assures him that she knows Natasha and takes the bag herself. However, upon seeing the Pandya store, Natasha becomes emotional, and Chiku comforts her. She then notices Dhawal and demands to know why he is there, telling him not to touch her. However, when she turns around, she sees it is Chiku and asks why she is crying. He tries to calm her down by holding her head, and she has his hand while they both cry. He then informs her that there is dirt on her head and hands her back her bag before becoming worried about what may have happened between Dhawal and Natasha. Meanwhile, Shesh brings in a vacuum machine to clean the house but ends up causing a mess when milk spills everywhere. Suman scolds him for making a mess and tells him to remove the machine from their home.

She remembers Suman’s encouraging words and promises to tell him about every problem. She sits crying, and Dhawal runs.


Chiku says I’m Chiku, and your troubles are mine. Natasha says my brother can never be a goon. Go tell Amrish he won’t get Pandya store from him.

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