Pandya Store 21st May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arushi asking Raavi to listen to her. She explains that she was brought here by her mom who wants her to marry a local man, but when the opportunity arose to marry Shiva, she saw it as a chance to teach her mom a lesson. Raavi points out that she used Shiva for her own motive. Arushi responds that she will act with him while Raavi helps him regain his memory. Raavi questions how she can trust Arushi. Arushi counters with the fact that there are no other options. They agree and shake hands. Gautam gets Chiku ready for school and reminds him to call out for his mom. Confused, Chiku asks which mom. Gautam clarifies that Dhara is his only mother and tells him to ask her about his swimming class schedule.

Shiku says she’s not at home. Gautam asks where she is. Shivank says Krish, Dhara and Prerna are not at home, they might fail Shweta’s plan. Dhara asks Krish, Dhara and Prerna to disguise and romance later. Gautam calls Dhara and asks which hospital did you go to. Krish asks how he knew this. Gautam says she shouldn’t create drama. She says no, talk to the doctor, I came for ear pain treatment, and Gautam ends the call. Shivank says I must do something.

Dhara asks them to wear the ID cards. Shiva is at the store. Raavi is in the storeroom. Dev sees her. Raavi asks him to get quiet and messages him. Dev goes and says there’s nothing. Shiva says I heard a sound again, a monkey is inside. Dev goes to see. Dev says Raavi is inside, don’t know how she wants to cope with being caught. Shiva looks around and says I think the monkey ran away. She sneezes. He turns. Dev lies to him and then sends Shiva.

Dhara, Krish and Prerna arrive at the hospital, identifying themselves as medical vigilance officers. They display their credentials and instruct the nurse to call the three doctors for questioning. However, they are informed that the doctors are currently in the pathology lab. Krish comments about the doctors making errors in reports, while Dhara jests with him about his moustache. Meanwhile, Raavi sets up chillies above them in an attempt to recreate her first meeting with Shiva. As she notices Shiva approaching, she asks Dev to carry out her plan. Shiva halts his bike as Raavi falls into his arms, only to be interrupted by Dev dropping the chillies on them. With a smile on his face, Dev observes their encounter.

Shiva remembers their first encounter. Raavi inquires if he recalls anything. Shiva nods and admits that he does remember her being a troublesome presence in his life. He questions why she would go to the store and steal chillies just to bother him. Raavi scolds him, causing Dev to interject and comment on their ongoing argument. Shiva walks away, followed by Raavi. She declares that she won’t give up and will do whatever it takes to get back at him. Meanwhile, a doctor is treating a patient when they are informed that vigilance officers have arrived. The doctor calmly reassures his team that they can handle the situation and asks for their trust. A man enters with his daughter, seeking treatment from the head of the team who claims to have no knowledge about the raid. In another part of the hospital, Dhara intimidates doctors in the lab, accusing them of wrongdoing. Prerna asks about Shweta’s reports, to which one of the doctors defends themselves by explaining that they have been working with the patient’s sample for 10 days and hands over a blood sample as proof. Dhara accuses them of fabricating false reports for Shweta’s benefit.


As the man approaches, Krish acts. Dhara says listen to us, we didn’t commit fraud. Shivank appears.

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