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Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Pallavi updating Vikram and Dida about her meeting with Mihika’s family, whom she found to be good people. Interested in Ranbir’s involvement, Vikram asks for more details. Pallavi reveals that Ranbir himself expressed his desire to marry, and credits Mihika for bringing him back into their lives after Prachi had taken him away. Excitedly, Vikram inquires if Pallavi approves of Mihika, to which she responds positively. She also mentions that Ranbir has been staying at Mihika’s house and they have plans to visit again tomorrow. However, Dida seems concerned as she recalls seeing something troubling involving Ranbir earlier.

Mihika awakens to the sound of something being thrown at her window. Curious, she heads over to check and is surprised to find Mayank standing outside. He greets her with a familiar scent and asks why she seems so shocked by his visit. Mihika reminds him that he is already married, but Mayank confesses his love for her and insists on staying. However, Mihika is content with her new life and reiterates that she will not marry anyone else. Satisfied with her answer, Mayank embraces her and asks for reassurance once more before leaving. Relieved, Mihika confirms that she has no intentions of marrying someone else and bids him farewell.

Ranbir is puzzled by her behavior and wonders why she is acting superior. He knows she is wearing the same mangalsultra he gave her, but thinks she believes he won’t recognize it. Determined to show that he is happy, Ranbir puts on a facade of joy, as if no one in the world could be happier than him. Just then, Akshay arrives and informs Ranbir that he has invited his mother and brother as a surprise. Aryan comes in and embraces Ranbir, mentioning that Pallavi told him about him. Akshay then asks Aryan if he will be coming tomorrow, to which Aryan replies in the affirmative. As Akshay leaves, Aryan asks Ranbir if he truly wants to marry Mihika, Prachi’s sister-in-law. Ranbir admits that even he doesn’t understand why he is doing it, despite feeling conflicted inside. He advises Aryan to get some rest and promises to talk more about it tomorrow.

Shahana asks Prachi if she is alright? She remembers Ranbir’s words that he would wipe her name from his mind and heart. Prachi says she is fine, as there is a celebration tomorrow. She says we will get up nicely and when we are happy, we will glow, as it does now. She says she’ll go and change. Shahana wonders why Prachi is running away from her feelings and asks God to give her some time.

Divya informs Vishaka that Mihika is dealing with some stress. Upon hearing this, Manpreet inquires about the source of the tension. Divya clarifies that Mihika didn’t mention it to her directly, but she seemed troubled when they last spoke. Vishaka suggests that an argument between Ranbir and Mihika could be the reason for her distress. Manpreet reassures everyone that Ranbir is a good person. Concerned for Mihika’s well-being, Vishaka urges Divya to stay by her side and worries about her possibly harming herself again like before. Aryan presses Ranbir for the truth, adamant that he won’t fall for any love story. Prachi confides in Shahana that Ranbir told her he wants to remove her from his mind and heart. In response, Ranbir insists he’s unaffected by Prachi and nothing is happening to him. Similarly, Prachi also claims she feels the same way. However, as they reflect on their shared memories, a song begins to play…

Prachi says she will come. Mihika and Divya also ask Abhay to get everything in the car. Manpreet calls Abhay, and asks him to do the same. Then Ranbir sees her and says he thought of calling her Mrs. Tandon, Mrs. Akshay Tandon, but they aren’t good, and asks if she knows what suits her best. Vishaka asks everyone to come. He says he will call her by the name that I used to call her.

Visaka asks when the decorators will arrive. Abhay says let Ranbir and Mihika decorate. Ashok says he has called a decorator. Ranbir says Prachi will decorate.


Prachi says she has said she would decorate herself and says she can’t wait to get rid of Ranbir. Ranbir says she will love me too.

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