Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

In the beginning, Prachi tells the doctor that she won’t come inside and asks the doctor to treat her. She tells him that she just wants to see her, touch her once, and be with her.

Ranbir does not know where Prachi is. He thinks Prachi will not believe it if she learns that Khushi is my Panchi. Prachi says she needs Nurse Bela’s help. He says she will scold me for not telling her. He says I am searching for her, but she is not here.

Bela asks why Prachi wants her ID card. Prachi says she wants to sit with Panchi, touch her, feel her, and kiss her forehead. She says she requested Doctor to let her meet her, but he refused. When Bela gets a call, Prachi comes out wearing a Nurse uniform and wearing Bela’s ID card. Bela smiles at seeing her.

Dadi asks how Shahana knew Khushi was Prachi’s daughter Panchi, and Shahana tells her everything. In the end, Ashok tells Dadi that his son loves Prachi as no one can love. Dadi tells Ashok that something has happened and Prachi will tell you for herself. Shahana takes Dadi away.

She tells Khushi that she will not let her go anywhere and kisses her cheeks and hands, saying my daughter, my Panchi. She says your mother is very happy that she is crying. After seeing her lovely smile, she called her Panchi, saying I am your mother and you are my Panchi, saying even now she couldn’t believe you were lost to her.

I searched everywhere for you, but I couldn’t find you. She says I told her I would get Panchi, and I did. She tells her she has kept gifts for her, and she used to tell everyone that she would give them to her when she found her. Prachi tells Panchi that he is for Prachi and Prachi is for Panchi as she checks under her foot and kisses it.

Akshay is still in the hospital. Pallavi tells Dida that he loves Prachi a lot. Dida says he proposed to her. Vikram asks Akshay to take care of Prachi and tells him that she needs peace. Akshay says after Dad, it seems that you know her well since you praise her and say that whoever is with her, will be peaceful.

As Akshay leaves, Dida asks Vikram why he is crying? Vikram replies that Akshay loves Prachi, so he is happy. Whenever Prachi marries Akshay, our Ranbir will be broken, and I cannot see him breaking. Vikram says even Ranbir will be loved.

A doctor comes to the ward and asks Prachi to read the file. He asks what happened to her, as she gave him the wrong file. He then asks her to read the file until he changes the saline. Prachi keeps the file and leaves. He says that whenever Prachi is in trouble, you should listen to her. He tells the Moon that he knows Prachi doesn’t love him, and he asks him to make Prachi happy.

It’s strange how love can make a person mad and make them do things they don’t want to do. Prachi is smiling and Akshay thinks I prayed for her happiness just now. When Ranbir comes to Prachi, he stops seeing Prachi hugging Akshay. He gets sad and backs off. Song plays…Ranbir recalls past events and the blame game. He thinks of Khushi.

The reason Prachi is happy is because of Khushi, she says. Akshay tells Prachi it’s good that she’s happy. Then Prachi says that Ranbir should be the first one to know about it. Ranbir tells Prachi that she won’t get Khushi if she wishes to be with Akshay.

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