Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi asks Khushi not to cry at the start of the episode. She says your Maayi is also here. She wants you to be happy. Khushi asks, “Should I say something to you?” She says, “No, I don’t know why, you seem to be mine, and you’re with me, so I have a feeling that everything will work out and I’m not scared since Shiv and Parvati are with me.”

She says I will not leave you, as you are my life and I will always be with you, just like my heart beat and my own loved ones. Khushi says you call me angel, but you are my angel. Prachi says you are my Khushi, my angel. They hear someone approaching the door and hide. Kaatiyani enters.

As Prachi and Khushi are about to leave, Shakti comes in and tells Kaatiyani that they are not here, but someone else. Kaatiyani says she heard them. I didn’t hear them, Shakti says. Kaatiyani says I lost my eyes, but I can feel them here. Prachi and Khushi run out of the room. Kaatiyani says catch them. Shakti runs out of the room, too.

Rhea and Akshay are walking when Veera and his friend meet with an accident. Akshay says we should bring them back to reality. Akshay says our car wasn’t working and we were walking. Veera says I will help you, as you helped me. He asks them to sit in his car, saying he will take them. Akshay says we want to go to the haveli. Rhea says actually a girl was kidnapped, Khushi by the goons. Veera asks how you are related to her.

Veera asks who is with them. Akshay says Laali and Binni. He says a person was helping her, who mistook him for the inspector. Veera says he saw Balbira there, but ignored her. Akshay asks him to take them there. Veera says he will take you to the haveli. Prachi asks Shakti to shoot him. Khushi thinks to go back to save Prachi. Prachi looks for Khushi and leaves.

Kaatiyani catches Khushi and tells her not to show any smartness, as Ranbir comes to the room looking for Prachi and Khushi. Shakti also looks for Khushi. Khushi is hiding and worries about Prachi. Prachi looks for Khushi. Ranbir sees Prachi and asks where Khushi is. Prachi tells him everything and apologizes. Ranbir tells Prachi they have to save all the captive girls from here. Prachi says yes, and Ranbir says we should save Khushi first. They hold hands and walk together.

As the girls stand in front of the men, Wilson asks them to begin bidding. He asks the ladies to bring the girls in. Balbira gets happy to see the men bidding for her. Wilson says she is yours now. The guy asks her to take the girl. The guy goes out. The goon takes Khushi outside. Khushi shouts Shiv and Parvati.

The guy says God will punish her so he asks the goon to tape her mouth. The goon tapes her mouth and sits in the car with her. Prachi arrives at the auction place and asks where her daughter is. She says she heard her. Kaatiyani asks where is my daughter? She asks if you don’t feel ashamed to do this with a small girl and says you should have thought about your age.

Prachi says I am a mother of Khushi. She asks where my daughter is. Wilson says you seem educated, and says we came here for business. Prachi says Balbira had brought her here and asks where her daughter is. Balbira asks her not to play drama and asks her to leave. Laali comes there and asks Balbira to leave Madam ji. Prachi then asks Kaatiyani where her daughter is. She shouts Khushi.

Ranbir recalls messing up all the cars so that nobody could get Khushi. He could mess up with one car, which is the guy’s. Wilson comes out. Ranbir asks where that girl is. Wilson asks Khushi. The guy gets down and tells Wilson that his car is not working. Ranbir bids 20 rupees for her.

A guy says he will give 21. Ranbir says he will give 25. The guy asks if you have money. Ranbir says my guy is inside with the money.

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