Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2023 Written Update

Wilson asks where is your man? The guy responds that he didn’t see him. Ranbir replies that I was beside him. Veera apologizes to Ranbir. Wilson asks Ranbir for money. Ranbir says greedy man, you will get your money. Taking Akshay aside, he tells him that he promised to give him 25 lakhs, but he doesn’t have any, and he has called the Police, but they haven’t arrived yet. Akshay asks where Khushi is.

Khushi is in the room, so Ranbir asks Akshay to play along. Akshay accepts. Ranbir starts beating him and wonders where his money is. Akshay says the money was kept in the car deck, but it was stolen. Ranbir asks Veera how the money got stolen. Veera says the money is in the car, he has kept it. He whispers to them that he has fake money bundles.

Veera says he doesn’t want to get caught. Akshay says I’ll save you. Ranbir also assures him. Ranbir tells Wilson that he heard female voices, and asks where they are. Taking Laali to the room, Balbira asks if she doesn’t love him now. Laali regrets loving him in the past and says she doesn’t love him now. She says she is not an animal that Balbira beats.

Laali says she didn’t know you were such a big animal and asks Balbira not to approach her. Balbira asks do you love me? Laali says no. Balbira gets a knife and says you will have to die? He is told to move back by Laali. Prachi comes and hits Balbira’s head with a rod. Balbira falls down. Laali also beats him. Prachi and Laali leave.

Shakti and Tiger hold Binni at gunpoint. Prachi takes a knife from Laali and hurls it on Tiger. Binni runs with Prachi and Laali. Veera’s friend brings the fake money notes. Akshay gives the suitcase to Ranbir. Ranbir thinks it’s fake. He asks Kaatiyani where are those ladies whose voices he heard. The guy tells Wilson that this guy seems wrong. Wilson checks the money and finds bundles of money. Ranbir says you’re greedy.

He asks his goon to bring Khushi. He says it was fun, and says where is Balbira? Kaatiyani says he has taken all the ladies inside. The goon brings Khushi out. Khushi calls Ranbir Shiv. In the meantime, Rhea holds Khushi. Wilson asks who are you, and says you have shown smarts with me, so I won’t leave the girl. He runs to catch Khushi. Akshay takes Khushi.

Prachi asks why you haven’t taken Khushi from here. Ranbir says how I would have taken her. Wilson holds Khushi’s neck. Ranbir asks Wilson to leave Khushi or he will worsen his condition. He runs to hit Wilson’s head with his own. Wilson falls down. Ranbir beats him. Akshay also fights with the goons. Khushi tells Rhea that they have to save other girls as well.

After fighting with the women who were with the girls, Prachi saves Laali again and ties Kaatiyani to a pillar. Shakti sees Khushi and Rhea saving the girls and takes her. There is no hope for you now. Ranbir beats Shakti. Balbira gets a gun and is about to shoot Prachi when Rhea throws a chair at him and makes him fall down. The Police arrive along with Pallavi and Dida.

Kaatiyani says I am blind and innocent and said I did not do anything. Khushi says she is bad and made me walk on the glass pieces. Dida slaps Kaatiyani for not showing sympathy. Constables take everyone from there. Pallavi hugs Khushi. Prachi gets emotional. Laali hugs Khushi. Ranbir holds Khushi’s hand. Khushi holds Prachi’s hand and leaves.

A police officer offers to drop Prachi, Ranbir, and Khushi. Veera says she will drop them too. A police officer says he will arrest you if you drop Prachi, Ranbir, and Khushi. Akshay says we will thank them, as they have helped us. Akshay asks Ranbir to say something. Ranbir says he has helped us so much, and I have promised he won’t be arrested.

Akshay and Ranbir take the inspector’s guarantee, and he asks Veera to take them safely. They all leave in their cars. Khushi says she’s fine, Shiv and Parvati are with me. Veera says she’s very brave. Ranbir and Prachi say they’re like her. He asks Veera not to fly the car.

Wilson snatches the gun from Inspector and points it at him. Inspector refuses to stop the car. They ask a constable to stop it. Inspector says don’t take the law into your own hands. Balbira says we’ll take your car and Khushi as well.

Their car gets punctured by Veera’s car. Veera’s friend informs them that Wilson is standing and has a gun in his hand. Wilson shoots at the car.

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