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In the episode, Mihika tells Prachi that today you will hate me, but I see you staring at Ranbir. She says you have a soft spot for Ranbir, this isn’t right. Ranbir says I can’t bear anything against Prachi. Akshay asks what is your problem, why you can’t bear anything. When you blame us and taunt at our sacred relation, Ranbir says there is a problem. Akshay says sacred relationship.

Abhay brings the CCTV footage. Prachi remembers that you told you that Ranbir was talking to someone. Akshay checks out the CCTV footage and shows everyone. Ranbir says he is a dancer, and what do I have to do with him. Vishaka says he is looking for someone else in disguise as a dancer. Ranbir told me he came to me and talked to me normally. Akshay questions how you can be innocent when you talked to the kidnapper to kidnap Khushi.

There are dancers here, we will talk to them. Prachi says we need to call them. Ranbir asks Prachi if she believes Akshay, and she says I cannot do this. Akshay says you can, and reminds Prachi that he has done it before as well. Prachi says he had done it before as well. Ranbir says I didn’t do it, and says Khushi came to my house from an orphanage. Prachi says Khushi told herself. Vishaka says everyone is waiting in line and asks Ranbir to come. He says Khushi told what we asked her to say.

I was talking to him, signing at the dancer, according to Ranbir. Akshay says he’s not the one, and you’ve sent him somewhere to hide Khushi, and asks where my daughter is. I’ve got a strong doubt about you, Ranbir says. Akshay asks me if I’ll kidnap my own daughter, and Ranbir says you can do it? Akshay beats up Ranbir badly.

Akshay then attacks Ranbir again. They had a bad fight. Akshay asks Ranbir where his daughter is? Ranbir says she is my daughter, and tells him you are a cheap man and are able to do this. Ashok asks them not to fight. When Akshay takes off Ashok’s blindfold, he sees Ranbir’s truth and says he is a bad person. Ranbir says she is my daughter. Akshay says don’t take my rights, she is legally my daughter.

The man manipulates Prachi, stating that anything could harm her because she is a young girl. He then urges her to ask Ranbir about his feelings for her. Upon hearing this, Ranbir questions Prachi’s doubts. Frantically, Prachi inquires about the whereabouts of Khushi, her daughter. She demands an answer but the man refuses to speak and suggests that Prachi call the police instead. Mihika interjects, asking if he is insane, while Prachi insists that she will not take any action without involving him as Khushi’s father. Ultimately, she implores him to at least inform the police about Khushi’s disappearance.

Mihika tries to stop Prachi. Akshay says everything will be solved once police arrive. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Akshay returns and says he has found Ranbir’s slipper in Ranbir’s car. He says Ranbir’s slipper also has mud like Khushi’s slipper. Prachi asks Ranbir, and Ranbir answers no. The police are called by Prachi, who says her daughter has been kidnapped and the kidnapper is in front of her.

She asks him to send his team to Tandon Mansion. Ranbir asks Prachi if you think I have kidnapped our daughter. Akshay asks how many proofs should I provide? He asks Vishaka how to prove you have kidnapped Khushi. Vishaka looks on, even knowing the truth. Prachi asks why? An inspector arrives. Prachi asks the inspector why he kidnapped my daughter. He says he is Ranbir Kohli, and she asks him why he did it.

Police arrest Ranbir and take him from there. Akshay takes Prachi from there as well. Ranbir says I am innocent, Akshay lied to you. Pallavi gets a phone call and is shocked. She informs Vikram that Ranbir has been arrested. Vikram asks why? Pallavi says I will tell you on the way. Inspector tells Ranbir I must search my daughter. Pallavi, Vikram and Dida reach the hospital.

Palavi says we’ll talk to him. She tells Inspector that her son is innocent and it’s a misunderstanding. Inspector says everything you said last time was a lie, and your son kidnapped his own daughter. Vikram asks if you’re okay. The Inspector asks Ranbir, “Why would I kidnap my own daughter?” and says I have to go and search her. In addition to closing the court tomorrow, the inspector asks him to be quiet.

Then Dida asks him if he has no heart because he is doing this. He says Akshay told him that he wanted Prachi, which is why he kidnapped Khushi. Ranbir says Prachi is his wife. Inspector says he is saying someone else’s wife is his wife. Vikram says Prachi is only his wife, then he says ex wife, you don’t know what happened. Inspector says the court is closed for 3 days. Pallavi tells Ranbir not to worry. Vikram says Pallavi doesn’t need to worry. Vikram tells Pallavi that I asked you not to send Ranbir there.

Dida, Vikram, and Pallavi go to the Tandon house. Pallavi calls Prachi. Vishaka says Prachi is not here. Pallavi says not to take my name and says I did not think your family would be like that. Akshay asks her to look at her family and says don’t open his mouth, otherwise I will say so much about your family that you can’t bear. Vikram asks him not to forget that she is his wife and asks him to stay within his limits.

Dida asks him to calm down. She asks how you can get him arrested. Manpreet says even we didn’t believe, but seeing the evidence…Pallavi says Ranbir can’t do this, and says he loves his daughter more than himself. Because he can’t live without her, Akshay kidnapped her. Mihika tells him that they are Ranbir’s family and asks him to behave.

Akshay states that their son has taken my daughter, but I am not involved with him. Vikram assures that they love and support their son and daughter. Ashok mentions that the police investigation will reveal the truth and adds that even they have lost their conscience as their son is currently in jail. He urges them to consider how they must feel with their grand daughter missing. Vikram concludes that there is no point in continuing this conversation. Pallavi bitterly regrets ever coming across them and arranging this marriage alliance. She proclaims that she will never forgive them. Mihika sobs while Akshay watches silently.

Prachi arrives at Ranbir’s place. Ranbir says thanks to God, your anger has calmed down, and says we’ll go and find Khushi together. Prachi says it’s enough and says I will not bear any lies, and it’s about my daughter, so she asks him not to waste her time, and asks him where her daughter is? Prachi says your daughter and says you come to claim your rights but do not fulfill your responsibility.

Prachi says Akshay has fulfilled the responsibility of a father and that is why he is legally regarded as a father of Khushi. As he says he does not want her to regret anything later, he asks Prachi to leave. Prachi asks him to say anything, but tell me where her daughter is? She says I didn’t spend a day then she got separated from me, then I found her, and so I had to let her go to the hostel for her well-being.

He says I am a cursed mother, and tells her that she did not get the chance to spend life with her. Ranbir says my pain is no different from yours, and says you have adopted her and stayed with her, and says I want to love her as much as I do. Prachi asks him where her daughter is.

Those are your problems, and Ranbir tells me you don’t trust me, and says we’re not together because of your thinking. Prachi says not to tell me, I will look for Khushi, and once I find her, I will let you meet her. Khushi is my daughter, and once I find her, I won’t let her meet you once.


Ranbir thinks that Akshay must know who has kidnapped Prachi, even though his face is not clear in CCTV footage. Akshay says you have to suffer for being disloyal to me.

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