Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2023 Written Update

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Ranbir and Prachi stand in a corner and look at each other. Prachi tries to leave, but Ranbir stops her and Akshay looks for her. As the song plays, Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand…Dida wonders why she came here to take that saree, and if Pallavi shouts at Prachi, everyone will know about her past. She wonders why Prachi has to suffer because of Ranbir.

Pallavi spots Akshay and hurries to him, making Dida worry. Then she calls out to Ranbir, “Move on! I’m married.” He retorts, “No, you are not married in my eyes.” Prachi tries to free herself from him and demands an answer. But Ranbir wants her to hear what he desires, so she clarifies this isn’t true. Angered at her reply, Ranbir decides to spark jealousy in her and considers it is the only way he can gain her attention. Prachi argues Mihika does not love him and therefore she’s not jealous; however, his plan involves making her envious.

In the accident, the robber collides with Prachi, then with the salesgirl, and his bag falls. He gets angry and tells her to apologize. He says he will complain about her, and I won’t allow you to do this mistake again. When the salesgirl asks Prachi what my mistake is, Akshay recognizes Pallavi. Pallavi asks how everyone is at home. Akshay looks on. He asks if everything is okay.

“Pallavi says he is in Bangalore and hasn’t returned home,” Akshay thinks, realizing that Ranbir is in their house, and they were not aware of it. He says you are having a misunderstanding and will say something. When Dida calls him Akshay and asks how he is, she asks Pallavi to come along. Pallavi says she wants to discuss Prachi with him. Dida asks why you always talk about Prachi. Akshay wonders what happened to them.

Prachi asks the guy to apologize to the salesgirl. The guy refuses. Prachi asks why he is having attitude and says, “If you want to complain, I will too, since we collided.”. She tells him to come to the manager and says if he doesn’t understand I’ll go to the police. She says this boutique runs because of her hard work. Suddenly, the guy becomes tense and says he doesn’t want Police interference and apologizes. Ranbir hears him. The salesgirl thanks her.

Prachi reminds her to remember she is not weak. The salesgirl leaves. Ranbir tells Prachi that he looks arrogant with his face, and that she should stay away from people who look dangerous. Prachi says I know how to handle dangerous people. Ranbir says yes, if you cannot by chance, then I am here. Prachi says my husband Akshay is there to look after me, and thanks for that. The guy takes out the gun in the trial room.

When Akshay asks Mihika where Prachi is, she replies that she must be in another section. Divya comes there and sees Akshay shaking his hand, and thinks that this is not a good chance. As you both love Ranbir and are serious and want to marry, he asks Mihika to keep an eye on Ranbir, and Mihika says yes. Akshay asks why Ranbir’s family is unaware of you. Mihika asks what? Akshay says leave it, and tells her I’ll ask Ranbir.

He explains why he didn’t inform his family regarding Mihika, admitting that they would surely have inquired. Ranbir’s mother remarked he was in Bangalore, prompting him to investigate further. Mihika arrived at Divya’s place and questioned her about the situation, but she responded with her usual answer of ‘nothing’. The girl naturally queried why everyone was acting so strangely. Suddenly, the man appeared from the tribunal followed by other robbers who presented their threat by pulling out a weapon and demanding money. He then shoved the manager as a warning.

Mihika is held by Mayank and told that he also touched her with these hands. He says I can’t bear when others touch you. He says remember that you are just mine and I have a right to you. He gets tensed and says you have gone mad. Mayank says I’m mad in love with you. He says Mihika…my Mihika.

Mihika firmly states, “You have no right over me, so stay away from me.” Ranbir overhears the guy’s response and remarks, “He must truly love her a lot.”

Mihika pushes Mayank. Ranbir thinks he cannot hear their personal talks and leaves. Pallavi sees Ranbir and tells Dida that she feels him everywhere. Mihika collides with Pallavi and leaves.

Prachi collides with Akshay. Akshay asks Prachi if she has any problems. Prachi says no. Akshay asks her to say if her smile doesn’t look like a smile. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and says you came suddenly, so I was scared. He asks Prachi to look in his eyes and say you’re fine. He holds her hand, but Prachi becomes uncomfortable and turns away. He says I love you, and you know that well.

The man holds her hand and tells her he isn’t forcing her to confess, and that he’s just confessing his love. Prachi says I get uncomfortable. He says I’m just saying I love you and asks what to do to make you love me too. He says I want to stay with you as husband and wife, and I love you very much. Akshay says you took my joking seriously. Prachi leaves. Akshay asks why I said I was joking if I loved her and wanted to remain with her.


The robber holds Ranbir at gunpoint. Ranbir asks them not to misbehave with the old lady. The robber asks who will save you. Prachi, Akshay and Abhay are hiding in the trial room. Prachi says she wants to go out. Akshay asks why she wants to go. Prachi says Akshay asks why she wants to go. She runs out in order to save Ranbir, who is outside. She is about to go behind Akshay when the mall staff enter.

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