Kumkum Bhagya 5th May, 2023 Written Update

As the episode begins, Rhea overhears Ranbir and Aryan’s words and goes out happily. Aryan says she will tell everyone now. Rhea goes out and tells them all about Panchi’s return. As she tells them that they are blood relatives of Khushi, our eyes get bright. Pallavi asks what she means. Rhea tells her that Ranbir’s daughter Panchi is Khushi, your grandchild.

Dida asks how it is possible that Khushi is Panchi. Rhea says it is God’s miracle. Ranbir confirms it with a DNA test. Vikram says I knew she was Panchi, I told Mummy Ji she resembled him. Vikram asks if you got the DNA test done. Ranbir says yes, Khushi is our Panchi, I got the DNA test done. Pallavi asks why did you hide this from us? Dida asks why you didn’t tell us.

Rhea says she will call Prachi to let her know. Pallavi asks if Prachi knows about this. Rhea calls Prachi. Prachi doesn’t pick up but then calls back. Rhea picks up the phone and says hello. Ranbir cuts the call and says he does not want Prachi to know Khushi is her daughter Panchi. Shahana says they would have come and taken her from there if they knew about Khushi. Prachi says Rhea isn’t picking up the call. Dadi says you are worried because you have hidden it from them.

As Prachi stops the car, she prays to God to give her Panchi. She then gets into a taxi. Dadi tells her not to worry and says we will get Khushi soon. Rhea asks Ranbir why he didn’t want Prachi to know that Khushi is her daughter. He says we are talking about Prachi, not Akshay. He says they are happy together, and he takes care of her. Rhea confirms that we’re talking about Prachi, not Akshay.

I don’t understand why you don’t want to tell her. Ranbir says Prachi is Panchi’s mother, and says she will take her from here when she finds out. According to him, Akshay and Prachi will stay together after marriage, so my daughter won’t call Akshay Papa.

He says I won’t let my daughter go from there. Rhea says Prachi has the first right on Panchi. Ranbir says Prachi will take her from here. Pallavi says Ranbir is right and asks her to forget that she is her sister, and asks her to think calmly and think about it. Rhea asks what? She asks Vikram to make them understand and asks him to speak for herself since he will be honest with her.

Vikram understands your point of view, but Ranbir is also not wrong. He says that if Khushi leaves here, she will become someone else’s daughter and grandchild, but if she stays, she will have her own relatives, papa and friends.

Ranbir says Prachi can love Khushi as Khushi, not as Panchi. He is delighted that she will receive her mother’s love. Rhea agrees that there is a difference between loving a child as her own and loving a child as a mother.

Rhea asks Ranbir if he won’t tell her about Khushi when she tells him he has been selfish. Ranbir replies yes, I am selfish. Prachi and Akshay will get together if they can accommodate my Khushi in their lives, if they can raise her like me, and take good care of her like me. He leaves. Vikram asks Rhea to understand Ranbir’s situation. Rhea says no, Ranbir is wrong. Vikram asks her to think about it.

In the orphanage, Prachi, Shahana, and Dadi meet Meera. Dadi asks if they know that they are coming for adoption. Prachi confirms. Shahana tells that they will choose only Khushi. Meera asks if Prachi wishes to adopt the child today. Prachi says yes. Meera asks Dadi to fill out the adoption form. Shahana says she will do it.

When Vikram asks Rhea if she is coming with them, Ranbir and others come. Ranbir tells them she isn’t coming with them. They ask if she is coming to the orphanage with Khushi. Rhea says she didn’t tell my sister she is her daughter. Ranbir just says don’t come, I really don’t care. Ranbir promises her not to tell anything to Prachi, and that he will reveal the truth later to her. She asks him to tell her everything to Prachi.

Rhea promises and asks him to tell Prachi the truth. Ranbir promises. They leave for the orphanage. Vikram says I understand, I couldn’t say it openly, but I am with you. Rhea asks if you didn’t go. Prachi says she knows Khushi, so she says she can take her with her. Khushi agrees to go with her. Meera reads Prachi’s form and tells her that Prachi cannot adopt Khushi because she is separated from her husband.

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