Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As Khushi opens her eyes, Ranbir holds her hand and apologizes. He asks her to sleep again. He tells Khushi that he used to pray to God constantly asking for a cute angel, and God has sent her to him. He says you are a big blessing from God. Taking her by the hand, he promises that he will be with her forever and that he won’t let anything bad happen to her, even if it means giving up his life for her. He calls her Panchi.

Then Aryan hears him and asks if Khushi is Panchi, our Panchi, your Panchi. Ranbir locks the door and says that Khushi is Panchi. Aryan says oh God…and gets happy. Aryan hugs Ranbir and asks if he wants to know how he knows. Ranbir says God has sent our Panchi back into our lives.

Aryan says your affection for her was like a father’s love for a daughter. He says your heartfelt everything that you felt for her. He hugs her. Aryan says she’s very cute. Ranbir says she’s just like me. When everyone is sitting to eat, Pallavi gets emotional seeing Khushi. Vikram says it’s natural, she has endured so much for us, and now she’s with us, so it’s a natural emotion.

As Prachi and Shahana bring Khushi outside, Dadi gives Khushi an envelope and asks her to open it later rather than now. Khushi asks, “Why?” Dida replies, “It has chocolate which Dadi wants you to eat later.” Priya brings Prachi a special butter sandwich. Prachi asks if it has mushrooms. Ranbir asks why. Prachi says if she is allergic to mushrooms.

As Khushi says, I eat it, but I get red spots. Ranbir thinks even Khushi is allergic to it. Prachi tries to make her eat the aloo paratha. Khushi asks her to eat. Prachi tells her to eat first. Khushi looks at everyone. Akshay asks what happened. Khushi says she’s never seen so many people eating together. She says she likes family to be together. Everyone smiles.

At the same time, Ranbir and Prachi hold Khushi’s face. Khushi asks for food and says there is so much breakfast. Ranbir tells everyone to eat. Then Meera approaches Khushi and asks if she is ready to come with her. Khushi says Parvati told her to come. Prachi reminds Khushi what Parvati had said. Khushi meets everyone. Prachi says she will come to meet you. Meera takes Khushi from there.

In the end, Prachi thinks Khushi is Mata Rani’s blessing to me. She will buy schoolbooks for Khushi and make her wear new clothes every day. She thinks she didn’t wear good clothes before; she will give her all the happiness and every moment. Ranbir tells Aryan that he will give her all the moments she had lost.

As for Prachi, he asks how you will hide Khushi’s parentage from her. Prachi also says she will not tell Ranbir that Khushi is her daughter, so he can enjoy time with her like now, but she can’t. She says he loves her a lot and will separate them if he finds out she is his blood, so she will never tell him he is her papa. Ranbir tells Aryan that he will never tell Prachi that she is his mother.

Prachi can stay with her here, but she won’t be told that she’s her mother. Aryan tells Ranbir that even Prachi has equal rights to Khushi. It is Prachi who has first right on Khushi and she thinks to speak with the orphanage official before Ranbir. She is leaving. Dadi asks where she is going. Prachi replies she is going for important work.

She says Akshay asked you not to come to work today and rest at home. Prachi says she has important work to do and has to leave. Dadi asks Prachi what she is hiding from them.

She says she’s hiding? Prachi tells her she’s not hiding. She tells her she’s going to the orphanage and will complete the legal paperwork and bring Khushi home. Dadi and Shahana are delighted. Prachi says I have decided to adopt her. Shahana says she will be with us. Prachi asks them not to inform anyone, especially Ranbir, about her adoption.

Seeing that Prachi knows she is our daughter, Ranbir says she won’t let her stay with me and will take her. He says he knows, and that we have moved on, Prachi has moved on with Akshay. Aryan says you are now moving on from Rhea. Ranbir says Prachi also feels the same way. He says if Khushi hadn’t been kidnapped, Papa wouldn’t have told Papa that Rhea looks like him.

In response, he says he got a DNA test done and discovered she is my Panchi. Rhea gets happy and asks him, really? Ranbir gets tense.

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