Faltu 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu says the staff has gone, and now I’m here to serve you. Vishal looks at her in confusion. We can get anything you want, you take care of us, we will take care of you. He says you will get the money, I’m hungry, will I get something to eat. She says you can get anything you want.

She asks her friend to take care of Vishal. He nods. She goes. Vishal gives her the money. The guy goes out and says you are acting like this hospital is of your dad. Don’t worry, she says, you’re in charge of things, I’m going home, everyone will be waiting, handle things here, win his trust, when he starts drinking, I’ll make his video, then I’ll make everyone sleep and return.

Then he asks how I will handle the staff when they return. She says give me their number and I’ll see what to do. They shouldn’t show up at work today. Then she leaves. Ayaan sees her. He asks what she is doing here. She asks what she is doing here. He says I dropped you at another hospital, tell me what you are hiding.

He says my work got over, I saw you and came here. She says good, take me along if you are going home. Ayaan invites her along. Kanika says Rocky makes amazing food, and Janardhan likes the kachoris. I was going home today, but stayed back to eat.

Janardhan asks Tanisha to say something. She says Ayaan is getting better with therapy, we can go to our farmhouse and spend quality time with him. Kanika asks how she can come. He says you are a member of this family, so you will come. Kanika says fine. Janardhan asks where Ayaan is.

Tanisha says he’ll come, I’m so excited. Ayaan and Faltu come home. Savita says you got Rocky back. Ayaan says yes, I saw him on the way. Tanisha says we’ll go to the farmhouse.

We could go there and make some good memories, but you got upset. He says no, outside food isn’t good for Dadi, we should think about her health. Dadi says I am fine, don’t worry about me. Faltu thinks I might be able to convince Vishal to admit the truth. Dadi says Rocky will make healthy food for me.

Sid says I’ll ask the caretaker to make arrangements. Janardhan says fine, make sure nobody has any problems. Faltu calls the guy and asks if Vishal asked for something. Sid says I won’t let Tanisha succeed. I have sent you the numbers of the night shift staff. She says I will check, you take care. She calls Namrata and offers her a lot of money. Faltu thinks my work will be done until she comes. She leaves from the balcony. Namrata agrees.

She goes to the hospital. She says the staff won’t come, so we can take some risks, so she comes. Vishal thanks her so much, he feels much better now. Vishal says he does not know why Kanika is after Faltu; she has much power but is scared of Faltu. Faltu says he heard about that video, was that girl lying?

This girl Faltu used to play cricket well, but she got framed, and now she hides her face. She says you would have gotten money to do this. Vishal asks why you are asking about this, Faltu says nothing, I am also interested in earning money. I shifted here from the village, I am finding new ways to earn money, and I need to become a big man. In Vishal’s opinion, money is the root of all problems. He shows the money. She gets angry.

According to Vishal, earning money is not difficult, but few people liked Faltu playing cricket, so I took the money and ruined her career. In response, Tanisha says I told you to pack your clothes, but you aren’t. I’ll do it. He says fine, I’ll do it. She says I’m throwing away all these clothes. He says they’re my favorite clothes, I’ll give them to Rocky. She says fine, I’ll give them to Rocky in the morning.

Tanisha says Ayaan smiled because of Rocky. Ayaan says I’ll go and give it right now, Rocky will see what he wants. When you learn to be at the right place at the right time, you will see the money. She cries. The confession is recorded.

Vishal says I will give the number, I will call him and ask about any work. Vishal says he will give it to her. He falls asleep. The guy says we should clear your name. She says no, the culprit’s name isn’t there, he didn’t take Kanika’s name. Once he awakens, we’ll talk to him.


Vishal confronts Faltu. She says I came here to hear the truth, Kanika paid you the money. He says no, not Kanika, Ayaan has destroyed your career.

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