Faltu 31st March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan comforts Faltu. He says I’m sure Charan will see you happy and understand. I will tell everyone you will stay here, don’t worry. He goes home. He sees Savita and says I missed you a lot. Then he hugs her. She makes him leave and asks why he destroyed everything. He says I was struggling with my feelings, I didn’t want to live in suffocation, I love Faltu, and I married Faltu. She slaps him. Everyone worries.

You must never go against your dad’s wishes, she says. Ayaan explains I thought you would understand me, but you also considered me wrong. Your dad has done you favours, how could you forget, you want to divorce Tanu and marry Faltu, but give me poison before you do. She said leave Faltu, don’t get adamant, you are my good son, right, and I have many hopes from you, so don’t break them. Kinshuk and Ayesha arrive. He asks why Faltu is standing outside.

I love her, so I won’t leave her alone; she will stay here in our guest room. Sid and Sumitra smile. Savita asks how you made this decision, your dad makes these decisions. Ayaan has gone mad for Faltu, you have broken Janardhan’s pride, so how can you get Faltu home, dadi says to her. Kumkum asks her to stop it now, Ayaan is worried. Sumitra replies yes, what will we do about Faltu, I’ll take care of it. She asks Tanu to come downstairs, and Tanisha appears.

Ayaan has brought Faltu home without telling us, divorce hasn’t happened yet and he says she will stay here. Tanisha says I spoke to the lawyer and he will come tomorrow with the divorce papers. We can’t leave Faltu alone all night. Sumitra asks how she is going to stand outside, she’s our bahu or would be bahu, Ayaan will marry her, right? Tanu asks Ayesha to take Faltu to the guest room. Savita tells Ayesha to do as she wants. Tanu says she will talk to Janardhan, he will not refuse to speak to me, Faltu will stay in the guest room.

Savita will be seen, Tanisha says. Sumitra says no, stay with Ayaan, he’s lonely, and no one supports you. I salute you, you’re making a big sacrifice for Tanu, any other girl would have created a big drama, you’re Ayaan’s strength, keep him close, and I’ll handle Savita. She leaves. I’ll explain to Janardhan why he got Faltu home. Janardhan asks how dare he. Savita says I’ll make him realize Faltu is not for him.

You said all that in anger, right? Well, I know, don’t tell him this in front of him, he doesn’t see anything other than Faltu, these things will only make him worry more, promise me you won’t tell anyone about it.

She asks Janardhan to tell her what the truth is about Ayaan. Janardhan leaves. Sumitra asks Janardhan what the secret is about Ayaan. Ayesha says yes, I feel bad for Tanu, but I respect her for handling this the way she is, take rest, everything will be fine. Faltu apologizes to Kinshuk and Ayesha.

The divorce papers will arrive tomorrow, and I want you to be there, because Tanisha says Faltu will stay here, and I know Mom will take back the investments. I promise this won’t happen, and I will not let Mom take anything back, because Ayaan loves Faltu, not me.

Sid says I’m very happy. Sumitra asks if Janardhan named his property to you. Sid replies I’ll get it also, Tanu will divorce Ayaan, I’m so happy. Ayaan dances with her. She says stop it, relax, we have a good chance, we will find out something about Ayaan. Then Faltu gets Charan’s call and talks to him. He tells him we got the money sent by you, and Pratap showed the video. Jamuna tells Faltu to be careful not to spoil Charan’s name. Charan says she knows everything. Faltu says I will.


Kanika gets revenge on Faltu after Tanisha signs divorce papers and asks Ayaan to speak to Faltu’s father.

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