Faltu 16th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Tanisha says you look hot in that dress. Faltu says I will catch a cold in this dress. Tanisha says you are coming with me. Faltu asks what I will do at the party. Tanisha says I will help dadi at home.

Dadi says enough, what I say will happen, Faltu is going to the party with you all. Everyone smiles. Dadi says you look gorgeous, go and have fun, elders will handle the work here. Suhana says you’ll be coming with us. Bua says let it be if she doesn’t want to go. Tanisha says she will learn about the clubs. Sid says yes. Tanisha says she will be taken care of. Sid says we won’t go if she doesn’t.

We will stay at home if Faltu isn’t coming, Sid says. Sumitra asks what’s going on. He says if everything goes well, I’ll marry Tanisha tomorrow. Tanisha cancels the party. Faltu says no, I’ll come. She goes with them. Kanika says that everyone made this girl sit on their heads, she was cheating, and I would bring out her truth.

Ayesha asks Faltu to enjoy the party as everyone dances. Faltu smiles. A guy asks Faltu for a dance. She says I’ll sit, I’m pregnant. He says attitude. She says she doesn’t have it. She goes to Ayesha. Ayesha tells her that he wanted her to dance. She asks why I would dance with him.

Ayesha says go and enjoy the party. Faltu says no, the guys are looking at me, I can’t do this; I’ll take care of you here. Ayesha goes to get water. Sid asks her to party. He sends water to her. He spikes a drink for it. She says I don’t drink. He says, I know, it’s juice. She asks really. He says yes, he doesn’t force anyone to drink, so come on, drink, you’ll get energy. He says we’ll play a game like in our childhood. She drinks the juice.

She feels dizzy. Sid asks her to dance. She says no. She drinks more and laughs. He looks at her. Kanika calls her manager. She asks did you find out? He says Faltu is from Ittarpur, she has run away from her marriage, and Ayaan has given the money to Deenanath ji for Faltu. He tells the story to her. She recalls Ayaan’s lie. He says yes, no one should know about our conversation. She says Ayaan helped Faltu in eloping, so now you’ll see what I do.

I will teach everyone to dance, Faltu says. She asks the DJ to play some folk songs. She dances to Ghoomar. Sid smiles as she dances. Tanisha asks what happened to her suddenly. Kinshuk says maybe she had taken shots. Sid says I asked her to dance. Faltu asks them to dance with her. Sid says we will play truth and dare. Faltu says it is easy, I can dare and leaves the marriage. She asks him to ask her.

When he asks Tanisha to tell her story of eloping, he insists that Faltu tell it, saying I can never doubt Ayaan. Tanisha says yes, whatever Ayaan says is true, we’ll go home. Faltu says enough, I’ll tell you the story. As she explains her poor childhood, she gets sad. My dad was my only support, my life was going bad, then Ayaan and Suhana came to my village and Ayaan showed me the right direction. Sid asks how he has become my life’s guide.

She says I want to complete my dream, and I aim to become precious from Anmol. He has given me direction in my aim, and he has taught me how to create my own identity. Sid asks her how he showed you. She tells him everything. Sid asks if Ayaan got you to Mumbai. Tanisha tells him not to shut up. Sid says I want to find out the truth, you both came together, right? She says yes, and Sid thinks Faltu has finally admitted to the truth.

The precap:

Ayaan tells Tanisha that he saw himself in you. He gives her a bat. Tanisha asks why you hid this friend from Faltu, you married me, but you lied.

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