Faltu 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

We saw Faltu changing her disguise in the washroom today on Faltu. Pappi is shocked when she hears someone coming into the washroom. Pappi realizes it is her and goes back inside to catch her red-handed. He sees Anmol instead of Faltu. When he is about to speak to him, Ayaan comes and stops him. He asks him to leave. Pappi says he saw Faltu inside the washroom.

Pappi leaves after hearing about the witch. Faltu tells him to get the rituals done to get rid of the evil shadow of the witch.

They continue to practice. Ayaan gives Faltu his cricket gear. He says she still needs to improve her form. Faltu is discouraged and sits on the terrace thinking about it. Ayaan sits next to her and motivates her, telling her that he was in the same boat a few years ago. Only a few have the chance to shine, so she should take advantage of it.

Then Ayaan tells Faltu that she has ignited his passion for cricket once again. Faltu wonders what she has done for him. He says he doesn’t even know what she has done for him. Faltu asks him to be present at the match so he can give her confidence.

He says his job in Ittarpur has been completed and he can now return home. Janardhan calls Ayaan and asks him to come home for the engagement. Ayaan tries to delay it, but his mother reminds him about Tanisha’s expectations. Ayaan leaves for home with Su. Su sympathizes with Ayaan because he lives such a difficult life.

Faltu reads Yaan’s letter and becomes emotional. She decides to win the match and marry Pappi.

Faltu is missing from the house. Pappi asks his goons to search for her. Faltu plays in the tournament as Anmol. Pappi confronts her.

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