Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

The Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

At the start of this episode, Rhea declared that if she was lying then her unborn baby would be born dead. However, the doctor assured them that no one would perish due to her lie because she wasn’t pregnant. To back up his statement, he showed them an official report with his signature on it. Aaliya accused him of fabrication and insisted that Rhea was in fact expecting a child and didn’t want him to know about it. Rhea proposed that they had gone to the hospital with a fake report. When reprimanded by Aaliya as to how they could trust him, he took out his phone to demonstrate an email containing Rhea’s report stating that she was not expected prior to their visit to the hospital, thus verifying that any alterations made on paper couldn’t have been adjusted in his email.

Aaliya inquires the doctor about his identity, wondering why he had been invited. Prachi informs her that she had gone to the hospital, so the doctor felt it was necessary to assess her condition. As a result, Aaliya accuses them of mocking Rhea’s pregnancy and demands that they kill her immediately rather than torturing her slowly. In regard to Prachi, Ranbir points out that, since Aaliya represents Rhea when questioned, he should also be allowed to do likewise.

Aaliya requests Pallavi to restrain Ranbir’s actions. However, Pallavi delays, replying that he is in the right. She further accuses Aaliya of having abandoned her decency. When Rhea attempts to intervene with an anxious “Mom,” Pallavi disregards her and inquires Prachi for a justification. Rhea meekly responds, “What do you suppose I should articulate when all of them imply blame on me?” Prachi intervenes astoundingly with disclosure and proffers a doctor she had already acquired for this purpose. The doctor states that he was not purchased by her finances and adds if it were possible, he would have marketed himself for it.

The belt that shows Prachi’s fake tummy is removed from Rhea’s clothes and Prachi says that Prachi isn’t pregnant. Everyone is shocked by her fake baby bump. Prachi asks if you want to speak up. The doctor says everything is proven now. Prachi says Prachi is responsible for my death and goes. Ranbir asks Prachi to let Rhea go. Aaliya asks if Rhea has injured herself. Shahana goes behind Prachi.

Aaliya asserted that they must find a substitute if matters do not get settled suitably. Pallavi then levelled her voice, but said she had been grappling to keep quiet, however, Aaliya was making it nearly inconceivable for her. She refreshes how Rhea was allowed into their house and greeted as Ranbir’s partner and the mother of his upcoming kid. Pallavi afterwards asked what incorrect they did to deserve such devilish behaviour from Aaliya and Rhea, especially bearing in mind there is no antagonism between them and Prachi. She vigorously emphasizes that despite being conscious of the potential consequences, neither of them paid heed to the sentiments of their family members. In conclusion, Pallavi firmly ordered Aaliya to desist from speaking about this theme.

Vikram states that, had you been more like Abhi, it would have made you all the more pleased. Rather than worrying about organizing, devising and seeking payment, your family had to endure suffering. Consequently, you were unable to effectively take up the roles of mom, sister or aunt; although you don’t expect any acknowledgement for that. Dida then adds to this statement by saying your relationship with your son has not been fulfilled either. Pallavi then wraps it up by saying she has had enough of debating; however, her hands must get dirty in order to make her home orderly again. Thus prompting her visitor to leave immediately.

Vikram orders Aaliya to go, yet she won’t budge. Upon that, Aryan swoops in and opens the door, unable to bear what she had done. Sealing their relationship for good, he declares that even though he had picked her over his dad in the beginning, he couldn’t stay with her after her encounter with Rhea. He adds that this is the way it has to be; there’s no way he can look his mother in the eye after all this. Pallavi points out how Aryan carries a similar set of values as both Abhi and Purab – his stepfather and biological father respectively. Unsatisfied by such treatment, Aaliya fiercely proclaims that she won’t remain at any place where people can’t confront reality, before storming out to face Rhea afterwards.

She tells Ranbir that Rhea is trying to cut her wrist as soon as she comes out. He says she has done this before, and that is why this happened. He says she won’t do anything. Prachi says she won’t do anything. She takes Ranbir with her and asks Rhea to open the door. Rhea says Ranbir doesn’t want me to live, which is why he isn’t saying. Prachi swears to Ranbir and asks him to ask Rhea to open the door for her.

Ranbir says that even if Prachi hadn’t come between us, we would have never been united, and he asks Rhea to leave.

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