Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2023 Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Vishaka urging Prachi to pay close attention and follow her instructions. Upon entering the house, she requests Akshay to place his feet on Prachi’s footprints. Next, she guides Prachi to kick the Kalash with the toe of her right foot and then places her feet in the Kumkum plate.

Akshay says I have never heard of this ritual. Vishaka says you are kids, and says God blesses the couple to be together forever if the groom walks inside keeping his footsteps on the bride’s footsteps. When Prachi hears Ranbir’s words that they have entered home together, her mind is occupied with figuring out their Jodi.

Akshay’s mother invites Prachi inside and encourages her to consider their family as her own, with herself as a mother figure. Prachi unintentionally kicks the Kalash with her left foot and places her foot on the kumkum plate.

Vishaka intervenes, expressing her concern and questioning Prachi’s actions, asking where her focus was. She points out that Prachi kicked the Kalash with her left foot. Akshay’s mother remarks that Prachi did it incorrectly, while Prachi dismisses it, suggesting they leave the matter aside. Prachi explains that she is already standing on the kumkum plate, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to place her foot in the bag.

Ashok informs Vishaka that if she had declined this marriage, he would have earnestly requested her to marry his son. He asserts that Prachi holds greater significance to him than his own son and the rituals involved. Vishaka responds by saying that if they all agree that these rituals are meaningless, then Prachi can come as she pleases.

Akshay’s sister keeps the Kalash pot again. Prachi kicks the pot with her right foot. Vishaka asks Akshay to come inside, following Prachi’s footprints. Akshay enters.

As he steps on the stick and tumbles down, Ranbir cries out Prachi’s name. Prachi hears him and turns her gaze. Ranbir laments, stating that if Prachi had been present, she would have stood by him, lifting him up. However, he expresses his disappointment, mentioning that she left.

As he says, my love for her is so genuine that my heart doesn’t beat as if someone had taken my life. She also loved me, so why did she leave me? Rhea cursed him that he would never get my love, so he said he was cursed by her. His love was also snatched, and he said Rhea cursed me, and he explained why Prachi left me. He cried.

The water jug is poured over Rhea’s head as she sits in her room. Rhea cries and asks Aaliya what she is doing. Rhea questions, “Can’t you see that your Rhea is suffering?” Aaliya addresses Rhea’s name. Rhea replies, “You don’t comprehend,” and asserts, “You have no idea what is causing this anguish.”

In her words, Prachi has suffocated my dreams and destroyed my identity. She says I was good with everyone, with Ranbir and his family, and thought good things would happen to me. She was wrong.

As soon as I start burning, nobody will be saved. She swears she will burn this house and everything connected to it. Aaliya smiles. Rhea takes the lighter and turns it on. Pallavi enters.

Seeing Prachi turn back, Visaka and others ask Akshay’s mother if you are waiting for someone. Prachi remembers Ranbir’s words and says no. Akshay’s mother asks why you are looking back. Vishaka says your daughter isn’t in herself and your son is doing something that isn’t understandable.

Divya says your son could not keep his foot on Prachi’s foot impressions. Akshay is called your son always, and when he makes mistakes, you call him Mami Ji’s son. As Akshay tells Vishaka all the wedding rituals went smoothly, and the wedding was successful, she relaxes. Abhay says there were no problems. Akshay says we followed Pandit ji’s instructions. He then tries to cheer up Vishaka by saying I love you.

Abhay asks her to tell him the solution to the mistake. Divya asks her to give it. Vishaka says you said again. She asks Akshay and Prachi to apologize to her before God. Prachi is told that Manpreet will always be with her as she folds her hands. She says don’t let Bhai and Bhabhi go to their wedding room and tells Divya she needs to touch up their room. Divya calls Akshay and says she is late.

When Akshay asks Mihika to return to Canada, he says that she is no longer needed, as she just got married. She asks what is my mistake and says the driver left so she is coming from the taxi. When she asks Bua if she is close, she asks her to wait for an hour, and then she sends them to their rooms.

Vishaka acknowledges that she has heard their opinions, but asserts that she will not put a stop to the proceedings. She commends Mihika for her decision not to attend the wedding and sarcastically praises their belief that she would halt the ritual. Vishaka then instructs Sangeeta to bring a bowl of milk with flower petals.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea checked the lighter for petrol. Pallavi says she heard everything and that she will never accept Prachi as her husband.

Then Rhea asks Pallavi to get Prachi married to Ranbir or else kill her with her hands. Pallavi promises that she will do it. Aaliya smiles.

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