Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Khushi tells Balbir Maayi is hurt and asks him to leave her. Balbir threatens to lift her and throw her down, but the neighbours stop him.

Laali tries to stop Balbir from riding his auto with Khushi. He rides off. Balbir threatens to kill them. He rides off. Balbir sits in his auto with Khushi. Laali comes out of the house and asks him to leave Khushi otherwise she will call the police and tell him about all his illegal work.

Khushi says I will call the police. Laali slits Balbir’s hand and says she will murder him even if she gets hanged. Balbir says he will not leave you. The neighbour asks Khushi if she is okay. Khushi replies that she is fine and asks if you are okay. Laali says she is made of stone. She scolds them for watching the drama and asks them to sleep at home.

Khushi says he is sorry for keeping me away from you, but now he is sending me to you, and that’s why I came here. Then Prachi goes to Khushi and hugs her. It’s just her imagination. Khushi wakes up. Prachi tells Dadi that she has seen a dream. Prachi says everything seems real to her and she will go get Khushi. Dadi asks her to drink tea. Prachi says she will go to the bank, make the DD, and bring Khushi here.

Prachi needs a family and life partner who can love and take care of her, and Dadi says it’s a life joke that the person who needs it most says they don’t need it. The spotlight falls on Prachi. Khushi tells Ranbir that she wants to stay with Mumma and him. Ranbir imagines Khushi in his room and says she came here with Mumma.

Upon waking up, Ranbir sees Rhea standing. He says hi to her. Rhea asks who was here. Ranbir says I was murmuring in the room. He asks why you brought it. Rhea reminds him that he’s hurt. Ranbir says he’s fine and will go to work. Rhea says ok, I’ll take out your clothes. Ranbir says that’s sweet. He thinks about Khushi calling Prachi mamma.

As Prachi approaches Laali, she sees her forehead face. She asks what happened to you. Laali replies that you might have known. Prachi enters the house and gives her Rs.10 lakhs Demand Draft. You told her that you would prepare Khushi. Laali says she hasn’t told Khushi anything yet, but she will give her clothes, toys, and the chain and pendant she was wearing when she found her.

In response, Prachi nods her head. Laali says I’ll keep this DD. She takes out the chain and pendant, thinking she’s bad, but not bad enough to sell Khushi’s things. She gives them to Prachi, so that when Khushi’s parents come searching for her, they’ll be able to identify her.

Khushi goes to the shop to get puja basket. She realizes she has forgotten the money and says she will get it from Maayi. Ranbir notices Khushi running and gets out of his car. Khushi asks why you are running. Ranbir says if something happens, then… Khushi laughs and says I don’t feel bad when Parvati and you scold me because you are both my favourites.

Khushi says if she had the choice she would have kept you both in the same house and I would have lived with you both. Ranbir says you have forgotten your Shiv. When she realizes what she is saying, she asks him why he forgot her. He says he didn’t forget you, he came yesterday, but you were eating ice cream with Parvati. He adds that he even brought ice cream for you.

She asks Ranbir why he didn’t join us. He says he had a fight with Parvati. He says you won’t understand. He asks Khushi about her phone. Khushi says that it was broken. Ranbir thinks about what happened last time. He takes out the spare phone from the car and saves his number as Shiv. He hugs her. She says she has to go and pray as the temple will close at 11 a.m. Ranbir asks her to go.

The phone falls down when Khushi collides with Juhi’s mother. She picks up the phone and tells Maayi that Balbir isn’t good for her and she learned about Shiv and Parvati so she will pray for them as well. Juhi’s mother gives her money. Khushi asks Juhi to come with her. They go to the shop to get the puja basket.

Balbir’s goon comes up to Juhi’s mother and asks about her husband. Juhi’s mother doesn’t tell them and leaves. Balbir is drinking in a bar with his friends. Balbir says even he has equal rights to Khushi. A friend suggests he sell Khushi to a guy. Balbir says Laali must have sent Khushi with Prachi by now. The friends/goons tell him Khushi is in the temple.

The temple bell rings, Khushi gets happy and tells Juhi that God has granted her wish to unite Shiv and Parvati. She prays to God for this to happen, and she promises to clean the temple daily if it does. ‘Something bad is going to happen to his near ones,’ Ranbir tells Rhea. Rhea says we are fine, and everyone is fine in the house, so who? Ranbir says, Khushi.

Khushi is kidnapped by Balbir and his goons. Laali and Prachi witness this shocking event. Laali tells Prachi that she knows where Balbir hides.

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