Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

During the episode, Laali tells Prachi that she has kept Khushi’s stuff in her bag. Prachi takes the bag. Juhi’s mother comes over and asks Laali how she is. Laali says she is fine. She asks if Khushi was here. Khushi’s mother says she cannot come to the temple on her own, she has to bring her. She says she is going there. Laali asks her to bring her. Prachi says she will also go to the temple and take his blessings.

Khushi is her daughter all these years even though Laali couldn’t be a good mother, Khushi is a good daughter. They depart. As Ranbir opens the drawer, he sees Prachi’s small photo on the file. It makes him think of Khushi’s words and he wonders why his mind isn’t working and he can’t think of anything else but Prachi.

He asks what happened. Ranbir says nothing. The manager says he will take the files later. Rhea comes to the office and asks where Ranbir Kohli’s cabin is. The receptionist replies 2nd floor. She shows Ranbir the lunch box that she brought for him. He says Indian girls are cute and caring, and says lunch and all. Rhea says you are speaking like an American.

He says he has never had a girl bring him lunch. Rhea asks him to tell her the date one month before she marries her sister. She leaves. Akshay thinks Prachi didn’t tell Rhea about my proposal and thinks I still have a chance to get her to marry him. He prays that God will grant him that wish. They wait for Shakti to bring the tempo. Shakti arrives. Khushi is talking to Juhi. Shakti asks Bindi where her father is.

While he distracts Juhi, the other goons take Khushi from there. Prachi, Laali and Juhi’s mother get shocked. Juhi tells the mother that they have kidnapped Khushi. Rhea comes to Ranbir’s cabin and asks what happened, why did you shout? She sees the injury on his hand and asks how it happened. She says blood is flowing, but the injury is not serious.

Prachi asks Laali and the others to sit in the car. Juhi tells her mother that she was talking to Shakti uncle when the goons kidnapped Khushi. Laali realizes Balbir kidnapped Khushi because Shakti is his friend and the goon has a tiger in his hand.

Ranbir tells Rhea that he doesn’t know what is happening, but feels that something wrong is going to happen to his dear ones. Prachi calls the police to report Khushi’s kidnapping. Inspector asks her to come to Police Station. Prachi asks the bikers to move from the way. If we are fine and we are all fine, then who? Ranbir says, Khushi. He says she must be fine. Rhea says you are thinking all this because you have an empty stomach and a full mind.

Rhea says she has also brought breakfast and lunch. Ranbir thanks her for taking care of him. She asks him not to be sad and to eat. She says Laali is her mother and I am like her mother. Juhi’s mother wonders why Laali is not saying anything about Balbir.

A van number is given to Prachi. The Inspector asks her to send her photo. Prachi says she has the photo and asks the Inspector to search her. The Inspector tells her to not talk like an ordinary woman and tells her that they will find out what happened to the girl. As Prachi recalls Laali’s words, Balbir is waiting for his friends. They bring Khushi and drive Balbir’s car away.

She asks Juhi, who she was talking with. Juhi says that Shakti’s uncle met her and asked about her father. Prachi asks who Shakti is. Juhi’s mother explains that he is Balbir’s friend.

Prachi asks Laali about yesterday’s event. Laali says I will tell you everything. She tells Prachi everything. Prachi asks why you didn’t tell me, and why did you hide this from me.

She says he had tried to kidnap her yesterday and today he kidnapped her, and I would have rescued her if you had told me. Laali asks if you are aware that it can be dangerous for Khushi. Juhi mentioned Tiger, Balbir’s friend. She said she knew all his hideout places and that the Police would not go there.

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