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Kumkum Bhagya – 6th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Prachi trying to sleep but finding it difficult as she thinks about Ranbir. She becomes restless and contemplates the challenges they will face the next day despite managing to avoid the wedding rituals. Ranbir, on the other hand, believes that it’s a good thing he returned to Prachi and is eager to find out if her marriage is real and if she is truly happy. He recalls Prachi’s harsh words, where she expressed her unwillingness to have him back in her life and her home. He wonders if she still feels the same way she used to feel when they were together. Both Prachi and Ranbir look at the moon, but refrain from talking to it as they feel that the moon belongs to someone else now. They try to sleep but find it challenging.

Akshay enters the room and sees Prachi sleeping. He expresses his contentment and the sense of completeness he feels when Prachi holds his hand. He believes that being with Prachi brings him happiness and assures her that he will win her heart no matter what.

The next morning, Ranbir steps outside and searches for Mihika. She arrives and greets him. Manpreet advises her to have breakfast, and Ranbir also mentions his hunger. Ashok jokingly asks if they just fill their stomachs with talk and don’t eat. Vishaka replies that they are waiting for puris, and Prachi will bring them. Ranbir playfully teases them, saying that the puris have arrived. Sangeeta brings a vegetable dish, but everyone insists that she should ask Prachi for help. Sangeeta explains that Prachi prefers to work in the kitchen alone. Ranbir thinks that Prachi is still the same. He wishes everyone a happy Teej and asks them to touch the elders’ feet. Ranbir asks Mihika to come, but Vishaka suggests doing it later. Ranbir suggests they have sweets at home, but realizes there are none. Sangeeta offers to bring them and accidentally spills some water. She promises to clean it up, and Ranbir takes the opportunity to go to his room and retrieve his phone. Mihika becomes worried and considers the day to be challenging. Manpreet asks Ashok when the decorator will arrive, and Vishaka informs them that guests will come at 11 am. Ashok assures them that the professionals will decorate the house within two hours, and he makes a phone call.

Ranbir sees Prachi in the kitchen and asks her how she feels being the daughter-in-law in a new family. He wants to know her thoughts. Prachi replies that she is kneading the flour to make puris as everyone is waiting. Ranbir insists on knowing if she ever thinks about him or welcomes him back into her life and home. Prachi retorts that there is nothing left between them. He holds her hand and asks how she feels in her new home as the daughter-in-law. Prachi claims that she feels good and that everyone loves her a lot. She adds that Akshay’s mother genuinely loves her, unlike his mother who loves conveniently. Prachi also mentions that Akshay’s sister loves and respects her like a sister, unlike her own sister. She points out that Akshay’s aunt also loves her, unlike her own aunt. Ranbir questions if Akshay loves her and keeps her happy like he used to. Prachi asks him to leave. Mihika enters the scene and witnesses their hands covered in flour. She approaches them and asks what’s going on. Ranbir claims he was only helping Prachi, but she insists that he doesn’t know how to work in the kitchen and must have thought he could help. Prachi explains that she doesn’t want anyone to disturb her when she’s in the kitchen. Ranbir remarks that he understands her attitude and that she has a problem with him being there. Mihika advises them not to argue. Prachi clarifies that Mihika has misunderstood the situation and explains that she praised until she discovered who the guy was. Ranbir retorts with an “okay” and accuses Prachi of deliberately causing trouble. Mihika asks them to stop fighting and mentions that it’s Teej, offering to help. Prachi tells Ranbir to wash his hands, and they both bring the puris to the hall. Prachi brings the sweets, and Vishaka mentions that the day begins with sweets in Ranbir’s house on festival days. Ranbir agrees, but Prachi mistakenly assumes he is referring to himself. Akshay clarifies that it’s Prachi who has brought the sweets. Ranbir refuses to have a sandwich and states that it’s for Akshay since he likes spicy sandwiches. Akshay thanks Prachi, but Ranbir decides to eat it himself, claiming it’s not spicy enough. Prachi tells him to stop and points out that he shouldn’t eat it. Everyone looks at her in surprise, and the episode ends.

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