Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Jassi scolds his goons for not stopping RV when he hit him. The Ravan’s legs are cut so that when the Ravan burns, it will fall on the pandal and everything will burn to ashes. RV tells the team that everything went smoothly, and that he has to leave for the business meeting. The man wearing the blindfold and headphones throws a knife on the archery board while wearing a blindfold and headphones.

Poorvi asks if it’s not risky. His employee says no, and says he’s been doing it for years, so he should stay back and watch. He stands near the archery board. The blindfolded man throws a knife on the board. Poorvi saves a boy coming there and hugs him. The boy’s mother thanks her, but Poorvi says no thanks. The stunt maker looks at them with blindfolds.

As RV gazes at Poorvi with a smile, the song “Ishq Ka Rog Lagaya” plays. A well-known celebrity is on his way in a taxi but gets caught in traffic. The driver recognizes him and the celebrity reveals he is headed to the Ram Leela where he must shoot an arrow at Ravan before it ends. Meanwhile, Jassi and his accomplices have partially destroyed the statue of Ravan. As everyone watches the Ram Leela, Jassi shares his plan to make a grand entrance when Ravan falls and save Poorvi, hoping she will feel grateful towards him.

Poorvi sits with Khushi while RV sits with the audience. Yug asks the manager to bring more Ravans. The hero who has made 200 crores will come. When the celebrity calls the manager, he tells him he can’t make it because he’s stuck in traffic and asks him to get Ravan dahan done by someone else. Khushi gets a call from her husband and attends the call. The manager asks RV to do Ravan Dahan.

Rajvansh will perform the Ravan Dahan, and Poorvi looks at him as he takes the bow and arrow in his hand, and recalls RV saving her from Jassi. Jai Shri Ram plays…..

As he approaches the Ravan statue, accompanied by others, Tandon family leaves their food stall and joins the crowd. RV gazes at the towering figure. Pandit ji’s voice rings out with a cry of “jai shri Ram” and everyone applauds. With a firetorch in hand, RV sets an arrow aflame and launches it towards the Ravan. More applause follows as the effigy begins to burn. Khushi ends her phone call, announcing that she is heading inside to watch Ravan dahan. The manager expresses his gratitude towards RV for his assistance. Meanwhile, Jassi patiently waits outside for the Ravan to topple into the Pandal (tent). As soon as it collapses, Jassi triumphantly proclaims that it’s now his turn to be a hero and declares, “Poorvi, I’m on my way.”

Prachi calls out to Poorvi, urging her to leave this place. Ranbir, who hears Prachi’s voice, spots Poorvi and notices that she has saved a lady. RV also halts to assist the people in danger. Witnessing this act of bravery, Khushi rushes over and embraces Poorvi for her heroism. Meanwhile, RV catches sight of Khushi rescuing Poorvi and taking her away from the scene. However, before he can intervene, the guards block his path. Outside the Pandal, Ranbir steps out of his car and observes some fireworks being set off. His heart starts racing with worry. As the Tandons come outside as well, they inform everyone about how the fire started. The Pandit ji then suggests that there might be some negative energy present in this place as such incidents are considered inauspicious. Just then Jassi arrives on the scene and takes note of all those who have escaped safely.


Poorvi runs to save the kids after Diya tells her that Ashutosh seems to be married to his scooty and left her for it. Diya asks RV to drive the jeep and says Poorvi ran to save the kids. RV says she gave her life for it.

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