Anupama 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 23rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi apologizes to Adhik for the events of the day and expresses her desire not to fight. She also thanks him for showing his love and commitment towards their marriage. Toshu asks Vanraj for a chance to explain Pakhi’s perspective. Hasmukh reveals that they have tried to mediate, but Pakhi believes it is her responsibility to save her marriage. Leela hopes that Pakhi will come to her senses. Anu becomes concerned for Pakhi’s well-being, while Anuj advises her to remain calm and handle the situation sensitively and maturely, in order to prevent any impulsive actions from Pakhi.

Pakhi asks Adhik to speak. Adhik says Anupama, Vanraj, and Anuj want to jail him. She hugs him and tells him she loves him and will do anything for him. Adhik says he knows. Pakhi says she does not want to and wants to save their relationship. Anupama asks Anuj if her daughter would be safe. Anuj says they will.

It hurts. Adhik says Pakhi is playing a victim card. Pakhi says it hurts. He says she does it all to get a project and rule over him. Pakhi pushes him away. Adhik then acts as mentally unstable and says he doesn’t know what he did and he’s unable to understand what’s happening, he doesn’t know how he vents out his anger on her, he loves her very much and does not want to hurt her. Pakhi says she trusts him.

As Pakhi doesn’t know him very well, Adhik thinks he’s playing this drama to gain attention, and will even hurt her without her noticing. While he continues his drama, Anuj and Anupama won’t let him work. He acts as punishing himself with a belt for hurting Pakhi. Pakhi pleads with him to stop as she cannot see him like this and will do whatever he wants.

Anuj and Anupama pass by, and seeing them hugging each other, Anupama comments that it looks normal, but she believes Adhik is just acting. He asks her to stay with him or he will shatter. They hear someone playing guitar. Anuj says every abuser follows the same pattern of abusing their wife and then emotionally blackmailing them with tears.

As soon as Vanraj receives Anupama’s message, he informs his family that everything is fine. Leela says all is well. Kavya silently walks into her room. Kinjal says Kavya looks unwell. Leela scolds Vanraj for not being with Kavya for sonography. When Anuj and Anupama see Romil play guitar, they admire his talent and ask him where he learned it. He says online. A professional musician can teach him, Anuj says.

Romil says he doesn’t need any help and asks them to leave and close the door. They walk away. Romil smiles at his guitar as they walk away. Anuj says Romil considers music as his friend and shares a similar problem with it. He fears losing and fearing he will lose even his music if someone finds out. It’s not clear what Romil is going through, Anupama says, but they just watch his behavior.

Kavya walks to Vanraj. Vanraj says he feels helpless seeing his daughter in trouble. She says she understands what Vanraj is feeling. Pakhi, Kavya says, is Anupama’s daughter and will not tolerate Anuj’s torture for long; she will reply after tolerating it for sure; he need not worry as Anupama is there to protect Pakhi and will teach Adhik a good lesson. Romil needs mother’s love, Anupama tells Anuj.

She should know what Romil is thinking first before she decides how many children to be the mother of. Anupama says they have handled many things and will handle this as well. Kavya shows Vanraj sonography reports and says they are normal; she knows he doesn’t want to know but she spoke her heart out as well. During the night, Anupama worries about Pakhi, Adhik gets romantic with her, and Anupam prays to God for protection. Vanraj looks at the report.


Anupama tells Pakhi to stop this drama, as Adhik hit her just yesterday and she wants Pakhi to be better. Pakhi shouts at Anupama. Dimpy asks Leela to clean her side of the house.

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