Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the morning everyone is having the breakfast, Akshay and Ranbir come face to face when Ranbir says he knows very well that Akshay was the person who replied, but he also knows that he wasn’t the person who replied. The Tandon comes between them both and reminds them that they are a family and that disagreements can arise. He invites them both for breakfast. When Prachi approaches Ranbir, she asks if he is in any pain and invites him to breakfast.

Upon entering the main door with Dadi, Pallavi hugs Ranbir and they ask Mihika why she is still standing there. Mihika takes Pallavi’s blessing, and they all invite her to come and have breakfast with them. She hugs Pallavi and asks how Khushi is and enjoys scaring her Badi mumma, and she even hugs Dida, saying how happy she is that Khushi is back home.

Pallavi invites Khushi and Ranbir to join them, but Mihika intervenes, acknowledging that tensions are high due to Pallavi’s family. Pallavi suggests avoiding discussion about the incident where her family falsely accused them and her father attempted to kidnap his own daughter. Prachi objects, but Pallavi emphasizes that Khushi is considered part of their family as well. She assures they can address the situation legally and reminds them that they have the right to care for Khushi.

Manpreet suggests that Pallavi is welcome to visit Khushi whenever she wants and even take Khushi with her. It would be great for Khushi to feel loved by both families. Akshay questions if she realizes the weight of her words, while Ranbir marches towards him, reprimanding him for his disrespectful tone towards Manpreet. He warns Akshay that he won’t tolerate any further misbehavior from him. In response, Akshay acknowledges that he is aware of Manpreet’s role as his mother and knows how to speak with her. Ranbir, in turn, threatens him. Prachi intervenes, reminding them both that Khushi is present and they should not speak so harshly.

Dida explains that ever since Ranbir told them that they found Khushi, she longed to meet her, so Pallavi insisted on meeting her as well. Pallavi said that she was concerned about Khushi getting hurt or injured, Khushi claims papa got hurt hearing, which Ranbir tries to stop her, Pallavi questions him when he replies the bullet just scratched his arm, Pallavi asks why he doesn’t tell her anything.

Dadi suggests they seek Khushi’s input, while Pallavi wonders what specific questions to ask her. She then extends an invitation to Khushi, stating she would like to speak with her in private at her own home. Mr Tandon chimes in, mentioning that Manpreet just informed him that there are no objections if Khushi were to visit or go home with Pallavi. However, Akshay expresses his concerns as the first legal guardian of Khushi and kneels before her, explaining that he, as her good father, does not want her to be separated. In the end, Pallavi departs with Khushi.

On her bed, Palavi asks Khushi how she felt when she first came home after running away from the orphanage, and Khushi says she likes to stay here, as both the Bua and Dadi love her a lot. She promises she will also make a lot of nice dishes for her and love her a lot.

Khushi asks Pallavi where she and Dida will go, so Pallavi explains the water park and garden. When Khushi asks if they actually intend to go there, Pallavi informs her they had planned to go with her, but now would go alone. The excited Khushi tells everyone about her plans, Dida tells Pallavi that bribing such a young child is wrong, but Pallavi replies that family is not wrong.

Prachi is in the process of removing her clothes when Ranbir approaches her. She senses that he wants to ask her something and he immediately apologizes. But Prachi reassures him that there is no need for an apology. However, Ranbir insists that she apologize for accusing him of kidnapping his own daughter in front of everyone. Prachi promptly says sorry, but Ranbir stops her and explains that he thought it would make him feel better if she apologized, but it doesn’t and he understands that she was forced to say it and didn’t mean it.

When Ranbir offers Prachi assistance, she runs to pick up her saree, which is about to fall, and she picks it up. The saree falls on Ranbir’s face, causing him to close his eyes until Prachi removes it. When Prachi asks Ranbir if she really wants him to leave, then he won’t be coming in front of her anymore.

While walking, Bua reminds Mihika not to let Khushi leave the house. They both agree that if Khushi stays, Ranbir will also stay. Bua emphasizes how important it is for Mihika to show a lot of love to Khushi, who suddenly appears and interrupts their conversation. Bua then scoops Khushi up into her arms and explains how sad they would all be if she were to leave since they have grown fond of her. She promises to shower Khushi with love and play lots of games with her. Mihika chimes in and adds that she would also take Khushi along to parties where they would have a great time. After this exchange, Khushi goes off to speak with her Badi Mumma, and Bua eagerly awaits to see if Khushi will indeed stay. Both women then head off to check on what’s happening in the room.

Whenever Prachi asks why Ranbir smiles, he replies he is wrong for the first time since she is quiet and not arguing. Prachi replies she has never argued with him and has always been calm, while Ranbir replies that he used to like it, so he never made her feel it. When Ranbir asks Prachi to answer his questions, she inquires what he means by saying she will miss him if he leaves.

Prachi agrees when Ranbir replies even he would miss her, he asks her to stop him when she asks if he would stop, Ranbir says he will write a letter to her after thinking for two or three days, Prachi leaves because it is raining, and Ranbir is stunned to see Akshay standing in the corner. After seeing Akshay’s bloodied hand, Ranbir recalls how Prachi felt Khushi calling her and went to check on her, but felt someone attempted to knife attack her.

Ranbir confronts Akshay, accusing him of spying and knowing about the kidnapping of his daughter and the attack on Prachi. He warns that he’s waiting for the perfect moment to expose Akshay’s truth to their family and reclaim his own. Akshay defiantly challenges Ranbir to try and take his family away from him, as they both wait with bated breath. As they part ways, Akshay seethes with anger.

As it is time for Mr Tandon to take his medicine, Manpreet asks him to have some breakfast, Prachi brings tea for Bua, who refuses to take it, and Prachi apologizes to Manpreet, explaining it is because of her past that they are facing so many problems. Prachi is not at fault, Manpreet says, Mihika said Akshay bhai is at fault as he blamed Ranbir for kidnapping his own daughter, and even Ranbir blamed Akshay Bhai as well.

According to Mr Tandon, Akshay and Ranbir have been blaming each other without considering their love for Khushi. Bua inquires about Khushi’s absence and Mihika reveals she went to meet her. Khushi rushes to Prachi to share that she has made a decision about going with Badi mom or not. Mr Tandon then turns to Dida and points out that she is the oldest among them and should explain why it is inappropriate to influence a young child’s decisions. Dida responds that Mr Tandon has now asked her to choose, and she believes Khushi should stay with them for a few days before returning home. Khushi excitedly runs off to pack her bags.

Pallavi reminds Ranbir to pack his bags and he recalls asking Prachi if she wanted him to leave. Upon hearing Prachi’s response that she did not want him to go, Pallavi questions why she stopped him when it seems like he will not leave now. Akshay inquires if Ranbir’s decision is influenced by Prachi, while Mr Tandon wonders why they are making a fuss about it. Things escalate when Akshay threatens to reveal something that might displease Ranbir, leading Dida to intervene and question why they are causing such a commotion. She points out that Prachi had also stopped Ranbir the last time he tried to leave, and she knows Mihika wants him to stay in their house. This brings a smile to Mihika’s face.


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