Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Prachi and Ranbir sitting in the car and on the way to the PS. An eunuch comes there and blesses Prachi, saying their Jodi shall be safe. They leave. Akshay comes to the PS and tells Inspector that Rana called him. Inspector asks Akshay if he is Ranbir Kohli. Akshay says no, Rana called me first. He says he was stuck in important work so came now. Inspector asks Constable to take him. In Akshay’s meeting with Rana, Ranbir and Prachi show up. Rana refuses to meet Akshay.

In order to talk to him, Akshay tells Constable that he is like his friend. Constable leaves. Akshay asks Rana, what do you think about you playing a big game while I will not. Rana tells him I called the right guy and he is better than you. Akshay says Ranbir. Rana says yes. They come to meet Rana, as Rana kidnapped their daughter. Ranbir says he will free me, even though I kidnapped his daughter.

The constable mentions that someone has already met with him. Ranbir inquires about the identity of this person, to which the inspector responds that they did not disclose their name. The constable speculates that it could possibly be a friend, as there was a quarrel between them. Akshay cautions Rana not to reveal any information to Ranbir. However, Rana insists on being truthful to Ranbir and promises to secure financial support for himself and take him out of the situation. Spotting Ranbir, Rana informs Akshay who then hides. Inquisitive, Ranbir questions the constable about the visitor mentioned earlier. But the constable suggests that they may have already left. Eventually, when Ranbir and Prachi approach Rana, they inquire about the kidnapper’s whereabouts.

Rana expresses his desire for both financial support and freedom, to which Ranbir responds by offering to provide both and inquiring about the kidnapper’s identity. Rana reveals the name as Raka, leading Akshay to feel relieved and remembering his promise of double payment and release. As Ranbir questions further, Akshay arrives and acts as though he has just arrived. He inquires about why Ranbir was called, seeking information on the kidnapper. Rana confirms it is indeed Raka. However, Ranbir believes he is being deceitful and leaves with Prachi. Akshay assures Rana of fulfilling his commitment before leaving.

Ranbir comes out of PS and tells Prachi that Rana was about to tell us, but he didn’t. Akshay comes there. Ranbir says he feels that he stopped him. Akshay says I have many proofs against you, but didn’t have any against me. He asks Prachi to come with him. Upon asking Prachi if she would like to go with him, Ranbir says you will arrive in 2 hours. Akshay wants to race with him. She asks, what is this childishness? She says she will take a taxi to her.

If Prachi goes with you, then you will be able to use her as an excuse, to drive slowly. Akshay asks her to take a taxi. As Akshay and Ranbir start their cars, they race. Akshay drives off, but Ranbir stops the car. Prachi asks why you stopped, you will lose. Ranbir says he did it to make Akshay go, but he just wants her company. Prachi sits in Ranbir’s car as they leave.

Earlier, Akshay called Prachi and Ranbir. Abhay said they hadn’t reached yet. Akshay said he promised to give money to Rana, and he didn’t inform the police that he kidnapped Khushi.

Ranbir confirms your arrival, to which Akshay reminds him of his triumph and Ranbir’s defeat. Without hesitation, Prachi excuses herself from the conversation. Ranbir explains that Prachi initially declined to ride in his car, but he promised to drive with caution and that’s how she ended up riding with him. He adds that despite losing at first, he managed to spend quality time with her and ultimately came out as the winner. Akshay taunts Ranbir, claiming that his heart is secretly crying over his loss and vows to win Prachi’s heart as well. In response, Ranbir nonchalantly tells him to keep trying before departing. Abhay later informs Akshay that Ranbir played a game with him and has successfully gained Prachi’s support. Curious, he asks about Khushi.

Akshay heads over to Ranbir and reminds him of their agreement to race, emphasizing Ranbir’s confidence and strength, despite the turmoil within. He advises Ranbir to keep his priorities straight and shares some friendly words of wisdom. Acknowledging their mutual interest in Prachi, he expresses his desire for her happiness. Despite knowing that Ranbir may deny it, Akshay believes that Prachi’s happiness lies with him. While Akshay may have won the race, it is Ranbir who has Prachi’s support. Mihika overhears and jumps to the conclusion that Ranbir is openly confessing his love. However, Akshay asserts that Prachi will never return to him, prompting Ranbir to ask why. With admiration for Ranbir’s intelligence, Akshay believes he will understand the reason.

In response to Divya’s question, Mihika says Ranbir has openly expressed his love for her. Divya asks her who she is referring to, and she replies that Prachi is in her every thought and breath, including hers. When Divya asks Mihika if he has ever loved her, she thinks of Ranbir and her dance moments and answers yes. Divya thinks she wishes Prachi was not here, and he asks Mihika to send Prachi from here. Mihika watches.

Akshay comes to Prachi and his room. Prachi thinks Ranbir opened the door. Akshay asks what happened, why your smile disappeared suddenly. Prachi says nothing and asks him to drink water. Akshay thinks I shall not tell her I love her, since she knows about it and will get angry, since she does not love him. Prachi gives him water and asks him what he wants to say to her.

Prachi asks Akshay how I could forget about getting Khushi into a new school. Akshay says that’s all set for tomorrow. Prachi calls Ranbir. Mihika looks at Ranbir. Ranbir picks up the call, asks Prachi if everything is okay, and says I’m going to school for Khushi’s admission. She says she has two choices, and that’s why she wanted to ask him. He asks if she has information about both schools.

She says she has details and her friend’s daughter attends one of those schools. He comes to Prachi’s room while talking to her. She says we can talk on the phone as well. Ranbir says things can be understood better in person. He asks her to show him. Prachi talks to him about her school. Ranbir smiles at her and Mihika looks at them. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. “Aap hi se pyaar rahega” plays.

He says I miss you so much and asks her not to answer, saying I really miss you. He leaves. Mihika hears him. Prachi says even I miss you Ranbir…very much. Mihika hears Prachi and becomes more upset. Ranbir and Prachi are in their respective rooms thinking about each other. Prachi opens the door and watches.


Ashok hears Ranbir tell Prachi that he wants nothing more than her in his life. He just wants her. Ranbir asks Prachi if you will love me again? Later, Ranbir tells Mihika that he can’t be with Mihika, since there is nothing between them, he doesn’t love her. Akshay tells Abhay that Prachi is not his wife, and there is no marriage between them either. Ashok is shocked.


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