Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with the kids getting stuck in the fire who had participated in the Ram leela. As the teacher tells the kids that she will call for help, she asks them to hold each other’s hands. RV leaves with Yug through the back door. Poorvi hears her. He tells RV that the fire brigade will rescue the kids and that he should leave. Poorvi tries to go inside, but Prachi takes her outside and asks Ashutosh to stay by her side.

In the morning, Vishaka coughs. Manpreet coughs and has difficulty breathing. Prachi asks others to take them to the hospital. Poorvi says she will come with Diya and asks them to come. Poorvi worries about the kids. Ashutosh hears the guard saying that whoever has their vehicle parked, take it from there. Diya tells Poorvi that Ashutosh seems to already be married to his scooter, and he left you for it. Poorvi runs inside and gets worried.

RV approaches Yogesh and inquires about the availability of a car. Yogesh responds affirmatively, but mentions that it is not currently present. RV then asks if there is any other vehicle on the premises. The guard reveals that there is a jeep available. Realizing the urgency of the situation, RV explains that he needs the jeep to enter and rescue all the children inside. He further emphasizes that there are numerous kids in danger and one vehicle may not be enough to save them all. However, upon hearing this, the guard explains that he cannot lend out the jeep as it was gifted to his wife by his brother-in-law. Undeterred, RV offers to pay 15 lakhs for its use instead of its original price of 10 lakhs. Disheartened, the guard apologizes for being unable to comply with RV’s request. In response, RV acknowledges and reiterates his mission to save the children, stressing that their lives are invaluable. Witnessing this selfless act, Yogesh realizes that risking one’s life for others’ well-being is truly commendable and decides to join in as well. Without hesitation, Ashutosh hops on his scooter and rushes out with them towards their noble goal.

Poorvi comes inside to go to stall no. 5. Jassi says that he will save her, as he wants to become a hero. Jassi is following Poorvi. Diya also arrives there, while the guard tries to stop her. He thinks this stupid girl is here. RV stops the car. Diya says she is going to stall no. 5 to save the kids. RV asks her to go and says they are going there too. She says Poorvi di went there. RV asks Diya if she went in a jeep. Diya replies that she walked. RV becomes concerned.

Ashutosh emerges and searches for Poorvi and Diya. Upon receiving a call from Prachi, he explains that although Poorvi was with him earlier, she has since disappeared. Reminding him gently that she specifically instructed him not to let go of her hand, Prachi expresses her displeasure. Ashutosh hangs up after revealing that he has located her, but she is not the girl they were looking for. He voices his frustration to his mother, confessing that he is disappointed with the girl she has chosen for him and relays that she has gone off somewhere while her mother blames him. Angered by the situation, Ashutosh’s mother offers to admonish the other woman but he prefers that she scolds Prachi in front of him to make her understand the impact of her reprimand.

Jassi tries to enter, but his guards tell him they must stop him. They take him out forcibly.

While trying to save the kids, RV’s hand gets burnt. Diya then asks Yug to rescue the children and comments that RV is a real life hero. However, Yug hesitates due to the fire. Disappointed, Diya calls him a coward. Just then, Poorvi arrives and Diya calls out to her for help. Using a full jeep, RV drives towards them and plans to take it out of danger. Meanwhile, Poorvi reaches Diya and reassures her that they will be saved. As RV safely evacuates the kids, Yug also helps the children get out of harm’s way. Yogesh commends RV for his heroic act while driving back with him, as Yug excitedly exclaims “Bhai Diya!”

Diya and Poorvi spot RV returning and note his presence. Diya points out that he is coming to rescue them, to which Poorvi inquires about their friendship status. Diya clarifies that it is not her but Poorvi who has a friendly relationship with him. Poorvi mentions how RV had promised to remove Jassi from the tent, and he successfully fulfilled his promise. They call out to him upon his arrival and remind him of their location. As RV jumps down, he unfortunately falls but quickly recovers. Concerned for his safety, they caution him to be careful. He glances at them before taking off in a sprint. A pillar nearly collapses on him, but he manages to hold it up and reach Diya and Poorvi’s side. He questions why they are there, prompting Diya to remind him that she had previously mentioned her sister being present to save the children like himself.

RV expresses that he has come prepared, unlike his counterpart. He considers it to be a foolish notion. Diya shares that Poorvi bravely made her way here. He suggests that Diya leave and asks Poorvi if she believed that praying for rain would make it happen. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows and a red cloth falls on their heads. The rain begins and they exchange glances. Ashutosh calls for Poorvi and decides to leave as he fears falling ill by staying there. Pandit ji observes the rain and believes that destiny has brought together two individuals with exceptional qualities through a 36-point match in kundali bhagya and kumkum bhagya.

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