Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya, 20th August 2023 Written Episode Written Update on WorldofEntertainment.in

After Pallavi leaves the room, Ranbir tells Prachi that Mummy is gone, so there is no need to play with water. He takes a big towel and a small napkin for Prachi, saying that she is small too. Prachi laughs. After leaving the washroom, they return to their room. Ranbir asks Prachi why she locked us in the room and left.

He says she may want us to love a little bit. Prachi says she feels ashamed. He asks her to kiss him. Prachi refuses. He says he’ll do remarriage else. Prachi says no and says we’ll kiss, and asks him to close his eyes. She starts counting. Akshay. Vishaka and Manpreet make Dadi rest on the bed. Akshay tells Dida to call Pallavi aunty or Ranbir, and Dida asks him to call the doctor.

The doctor has come as a guest, so Akshay says he will call him and ask if you are really hurt. Dida asks if I am lying. Pallavi collides with Rhea’s goon and his phone falls down. Pallavi sees Mihika’s photo on the phone screen. He apologizes and leaves. As she prepares coffee for Prachi and Ranbir, Pallavi wonders where the kitchen is. Mihika signs Mayank to come. Mayank signs her and calls someone. Mihika leaves. The goon searches upstairs in search of Mihika.

Vishaka says a bone might have been broken. Akshay brings the doctor to the room. Manpreet says she’s hurt. Manpreet says she’s going to inform Pallavi, but Dida stops her. Akshay says he’s going, but Dida stops him and says she wants all the family around her, since her heart is weak. Akshay asks the doctor to check her.

When a doctor checks Dida, she appears to be in pain. Vikram sees her through the window and enters. Vikram asks what happened? She says she is in pain and says she has fallen down. Vishaka says Dida’s heart is weak. Vikram is surprised and asks when this happened. Dida says her son is joking even in this situation. Doctor says he’ll give her an injection. She refuses. Vikram asks Doctor for the injection.

As she stops Doctor, she says her pain is gone. She gets up and walks and asks them to race. She thinks she can’t stop them for long if things go wrong with the injection. She thanks God and says she has become well. Vikram asks how she got better so quickly. Manpreet says a miracle has happened. Vishaka says no engagement can be made.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she will kiss him, and she will feel ashamed, but it is your right as a boy to kiss me. She says they will repeat 1 2 3 4 5, and Ranbir falls on the bed. Prachi kisses in the air and opens her eyes.

Then Ranbir says I’m beside you. Prachi says Pallavi came to scold us. Pallavi says she was going to make coffee, but saw kada ingredients and made it. She asked them to drink it. They hesitantly took a sip and said it was bitter. Pallavi tells Prachi to come outside after 5 minutes and says she’ll be taking Ranbir with her.

Prachi says I miss you baklu. Pallavi takes him from there. Mihika searches for Mayank and the goon comes infront of her. He makes her smell chloroform to make her unconscious.

Mayank hits something on his head. Mihika says thank god for you. Mayank says I had to come because I am yours and you are mine. Mihika says actually I wanted to tell you that I cannot marry you because I…Mayank smells chloroform and she faints. Pradeep takes her from there by covering her head with a shawl.

She goes to the bathroom and washes her face to figure out why my head is shaking. As Ranbir’s head is shaking, Pallavi asks Pallavi where she is taking him. Pallavi tells him we have to go there and asks him to rest for a while. As Pallavi and Ranbir approach, Mayank hides Mihika while Pradeep hides the goon.

Once they go from there, Pradeep and Mayank take unconscious Mihika from there, and the waiter sees them taking her. As he asks them to stop, they leave. Seeing Mihika’s necklace, the waiter thinks to keep it, thinking it’s diamond. Prachi thinks she should leave the room. She does.

Ashok asks Divya to call Mihika, but she doesn’t know where she is. Manpreet, Vishaka and Akshay come there. Ashok asks where Mihika is.

As Akshay says, both Ranbir and Mihika are missing together, Vishaka brings Ranbir there. Manpreet says Ranbir is here. Vishaka asks where is Mihika? Pallavi says I found just Ranbir. Pandit ji asks how much time it will take? Vishaka says for engagement. Manpreet says it is engagement time. Ranbir says I cannot do engagement.

Pallavi inquires, “What is going on?” as she recalls Ranbir and Prachi’s love confession. Vishaka then questions why he doesn’t want to get engaged. To which Pallavi echoes, “That’s what I was asking.” Ranbir interjects, “How can I possibly get engaged without Mihika?” Akshay then remarks, “I thought you didn’t want to get engaged because your ex-wife showed up.” Ranbir responds, “What are you talking about? My head is spinning,” before collapsing onto the couch. Vishaka asks if he has been drinking. Pallavi explains that he accidentally had some kada but she gave him more to restore his sobriety. Just then, Shahana enters and asks if anyone has seen Prachi. Akshay adds that he is also looking for her. Ranbir notices Prachi entering unsteadily.


As her sister likes Ranbir, she asks her to stay with her. Prachi follows Ranbir behind. Rhea says I always said Ranbir is mine, if he can’t be mine, then he can’t be of anyone else. She points a gun at Ranbir and shoots. Ranbir and Prachi shout no. Rhea shoots at Ranbir.

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