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Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2023 Written Episode Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Prachi tells Ranbir that she hates herself for talking to him. Ranbir responds by saying that even I hate myself for talking for you and asks why I came in front of you. Prachi decides not to speak to him and leaves. Ranbir also leaves. Akshay overhears them and thinks that if they had loved each other, they would have got married, and God would have united them.

He then tells himself that he is overthinking, and he thinks Ranbir loves her surely, but she does not. He asks himself to not think. Dida tells Pallavi that Mihika is Prachi’s sister in law, and that Prachi is married to Akshay and asks her not to overthink. Rather than thinking about it, Pallavi asks if Prachi is really married to Akshay.

When Dida asks what you are saying, Pallavi asks, “If I said right then?” Dida says Prachi has kumkum in her maang and a mangalsutra around her neck. She leaves. She believes something is going to happen today, and says she can’t bear Prachi again at home. This time she will stand in front of her, not Rhea, and I will use my right as a mother in law.

The woman says that if Prachi wants to return, she will regret her whole life, as she will make her lose the Kohli family and the Tandon family. She says she will lower Prachi in such a way that neither she nor her greatness can rise again.

Upon entering the room, Prachi goes to the washroom. As Ranbir gets sleepy, he sleeps on the floor. Prachi throws a towel over him and sits on the bed. Prachi and Ranbir see each other. Prachi asks him to get up and sleep on the bed. Both of them seem to be drunk, so Prachi asks him why he is sleeping on the floor.

Prachi asks him to get up holding her hand. Ranbir says you left my hand when I held you. Prachi is about to leave. Ranbir holds her hand and says he won’t leave her hand. Prachi says we’ll count till three and then we’ll do it. Prachi says arm wrestling. He says your hands are soft even now and feels her touch. They count till three. Prachi falls on Ranbir as he tries to stand up. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays….

Then Dida tells Pallavi about Ranbir. Vishaka and Manpreet arrive. Vishaka asks if you have seen Mihika. She says the engagement mahurat came. Dida says she will search for Ranbir. Manpreet says we will call him. Dida says today’s kids are no longer meeting and are communicating via video. Pallavi says we should search him. Dida brings him. Pallavi says I’ll go with Dida, Vishaka says otherwise we’ll have to search her, and she leaves.

He tells Prachi that she is heavy and if she was on him, he would be lifted. Prachi gets up. He asks if you are drunk. Prachi says you called me fat. Ranbir says I didn’t say that, I said you were heavy. He asks if I am mad and you say I didn’t say you were fat.

I won’t talk to you, Prachi says, and I’ll leave. Ranbir says bye and is about to go out and close the door. Prachi stops him and asks why you are locking me inside so we can talk. He says we will solve this problem. Prachi says you lock me intentionally. Ranbir locks the door as he enters.

Ranbir says, “I want to talk to you,” but Prachi says she wants to leave. Prachi tries to open the door, but can’t open it due to her drunken state. She cries and says I don’t know why I cannot open the lock. Ranbir says he will open the door for her and tells her not to worry.

As he tried to open the lock, Prachi told him that she knew he would fight with her, complain with her, and splash water on her. Ranbir asked if she had gone mad. He said you didn’t talk with love, fought with me, and complained to me. Prachi replied, “I know how to talk with love,” and told him that she missed him very much.

Akshay is notified by Vishaka and Manpreet that Mihika is not here. Vishaka says she must be with Ranbir. Akshay says Prachi is with him. They ask what she’s doing with him. Ranbir says he too misses her a lot. If you had missed me, you wouldn’t have moved on with Mihika so far, Prachi says.

Prachi says she didn’t marry Akshay, because she loves just him (Ranbir), and says you have moved on. Ranbir says you have moved on, and says you have married Akshay. She says I love you. Ranbir says I love you too…Pallavi and Dida see them through the window. He says I love you so much that no one loves each other as much as I do. Prachi says she loves you as much.

Ranbir says let’s elope from here. Prachi says she’ll elope with him, since she only needs him. She hugs him. Pallavi and Dida are shocked by them. Pallavi asks Dida to distract Akshay, Vishaka and Manpreet. Dida goes to them and says she’s sprained.

Pallavi calls Prachi. Prachi says someone called us. She looks at Pallavi and asks Ranbir if she’s your mother. They come to the window. Ranbir says she looks like my mother. Prachi says I don’t drink, he is drunk. Pallavi asks if you’re both drunk.

It is Prachi and Ranbir who try to open the door. Pallavi asks them to open it. Prachi says you’ll scold us. Pallavi says I’m very calm and won’t get angry. Pallavi gets in the room. Ranbir and Prachi hug each other. Pallavi asks them to go to the washroom with her, and promises to rid them of their drunken stupor.

Pallavi says she will bring them coffee. Prachi asks her to add chocolate to it. She laughs. She splashes water on their faces and asks Ranbir to splash water on his.


Rhea’s goon tries to kidnap Mihika by making her smell chloroform. Mayank hits something on his head. Mihika says thank god you came and says she can’t marry him because…. He makes her smell chloroform shocking her. Ranbir says that he don’t think Mihika was drunk, and he believes that those two men kidnapped Mihika. Pallavi says Rhea must have done this.

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