Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi tells Akshay that it is a miracle. Akshay asks what it is. Prachi says Khushi is actually…She then says Ranbir is the one to know first.

Ranbir stands outside the hospital thinking, Prachi if you want to stay with Akshay, but cannot stay with me, then I cannot violate my promise to my daughter. Akshay thinks I am her best friend and I know this, I am her close friend and I have proposed to her many times.

He says I will never tell you the truth that Khushi is our daughter. Ashok comes out talking on the phone and tells Ranbir if something had happened to Akshay, he would have the same feelings as a father. According to him, he can understand his feelings as a father and promises one day that something good will happen. Ranbir agrees.

Balbira gets happy when Laali tells Inspector she wants to meet him. Inspector asks why? Laali says Balbira is my would-be husband. Inspector refuses. She argues. Balbira says the same thing. Wilson asks Laali to call Laali there and ask her where the money is. Laali asks Inspector if the rich people gave him money to do this. She argues.

The inspector and constable open the lock-up and Balbira, Shakti, Tiger and Wilson push them out, locking them. Inspector catches Khushi and asks if she came up with this plan. As Ranbir kisses Khushi’s hand, he says, “Khushi…my daughter…my Panchi…I’m your papa, your dad.” He says if you want to call me Shiv, that is fine with me.

As he said, my Khushi and Panchi have returned, and I cannot believe it. He tells me they are related from this birth. He says you are everything to me, and I will give you the best life of this world, and I will always protect you and keep you happy.

When you get up, I’ll explain to you, but you mustn’t tell anyone, and keep this as a secret. Then he says, my daughter, when someone asks why you are calling me Bau ji, you should say that you want to call me Bau ji. Rhea, Pallavi, Dida, and Ashok see him cry. Ranbir wipes his tears and goes out. Prachi comes there. Rhea says I told you Khushi will be fine. Ranbir hugs her.

Akshay says they love each other a lot during these emotional times and give courage to each other. Shahana walks in and gets teary eyes when she sees their hug. He gets Inspector’s call and leaves. Prachi tells him Ranbir has moved on with Rhea, and that she wanted to get her from Laali, and was about to tell him, but now I will not tell him the truth.

Laali tells Inspector she has come to meet Balbira and bail him out, but she didn’t let me meet him because I am poor. Inspector asks Laali to leave. Inspector tells Ranbir that they have caught Balbira, but he fled from the police station. Ranbir asks what you are saying. Inspector says he did a drama and fled. He says he will catch him again. Ranbir asks when did he escape? Inspector says 5 minutes ago.

Then Ranbir rushes inside telling everyone that he wants to tell them something important. He says Inspector called and said Balbira escaped from the PS. Ranbir recalls Khushi’s kidnapping. Prachi asks Ranbir not to go there. Ranbir says if they come here and take Khushi from here.

As soon as I know she’s my daughter, nobody can take her. Ranbir asks if she’s not your daughter. Wilson tells Balbira that he has a private jet. Balbira asks why you didn’t tell him before. Wilson says I didn’t have my pilot number, my phone was left in the PS.

He says to give me 5-6 days to think about it. Balbira says until then I will get my personal car. He then threatens a guy, takes his keys, and flees. Ranbir says Khushi is also my daughter. She says we love her, though her biological parents are different, and that you love Khushi very much like a father. Ranbir says I love Khushi in the same way as you do.

They both hide the truth from each other. Ranbir says I’ll talk to you later, and he’s going. Prachi says don’t go, Ranbir, I need you.

Balbira and others smile as Laali hits Ranbir on the head with a rod and he faints and falls down. She tells him that she can’t betray Balbira, but can betray the whole world for him.

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